Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mercatus Institute Finds that New York Is the Least-Free State

Dan Elmendorf of Redeemer Broadcasting sent me this video from the Mercatus Institute.  Prof. Will Ruger of Texas State University, San Marcos and Prof. Jason Sorens of SUNY Buffalo used a detailed procedure to rank the 50 states as to their degrees of freedom.  The lowest is New York and the highest are New Hampshire and South Dakota.  The video below provides some additional information about the study. 

There is an interesting parallel.  Recall the television miniseries, John Adams. It's fun to re-watch it on Independence Day (see below).   According to its account of the Continental Congress's signing of the Delcaration of Independence 236 years ago, New York was the only state to abstain on the initial vote, while the first state to vote for it was New Hampshire.  Let us also recall New York's contribution to national politics.  Alexander Hamilton, the inventor of big government, lived in New York City for most of his life.  Theodore Roosevelt, the inventor of Progressivism, lived and worked in New York for most of his life. The inventor of the New Deal, Franklin Roosevelt, also came from the Hudson Valley.

In my lifetime the State of New York has been in contnual decline. I live here for family reasons.

Gary Johnson for President

Sean Bigler's Epigene: A Wall Street Odyssey

Sean Bigler is a rock composer who lives in Shokan, NY. He recently put together an Agenda 21 event in our Town, Olive, NY, and had Oakland, California's Rosa Koire speak. Rosa has written a book entitled Behind The Green Mask. Sean just sent me this link to part of the rock opera he has been working on. It is very good.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Letter to Helen Chase, Central Catskills Collaborative

PO Box 130
West Shokan, NY 12494
July 2, 2012

Helen Chase, Town Council/Robert Selkowitz
Town of Olive
Central Catskills Collaborative
PO Box 18
West Shokan, NY 12494

Dear Ms. Chase and Mr. Selkowitz:

I have finally had time to read part of the so-called Route 28 Central Catskills Scenic Byway Nomination Final Draft of Project Description of the so-called Central Catskills Collaborative that appears on the World Wide Web.  I object to the entire document, for it amounts to a primitive power grab by opportunists eager to hop on the special interest gravy train on offer by our dying New York State.  

For one, the plan claims that it and your group will contribute to the local economy, but there is no evidence that you or the plan's authors know how to do so.  Yes, let us imagine a state where the Department of Environmental Conservation is the engine of economic growth.  Then let us consider that it exists--in North Korea--and it has gone down in ashes. The New York State government that has funded this plan has repeatedly crippled the state and local economy, and your credentials are even less impressive than theirs.  

Because local, regional, and national planning have failed, as evidenced by the collapse of Robert Moses's New York State,  the Soviet Union, China, and the decline of the big-government, blue, rust-belt states, the entire discussion in the document  is inept and ill informed.  However, the following statement is especially shocking, even given the document's dismal quality:

"…existing and new development might be enhanced while managing the corridor’s significant resources. For example, are there any major intrusions on the enjoyment or character of the roadway? If so, describe what will be done to improve these conditions."

Private property is the cornerstone of prosperity.  If the individuals who drafted this plan cared about the economy, their first concern would have been for private property.  The document advocates spying on your neighbors, bullying them, and stealing from them.  It is a plan of action for criminals.  I am ashamed of this state, I am ashamed of this nation, and I am ashamed that I live in the same town as you.


Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D.
Cc: Governor Andrew Cuomo,  Joseph Martens, Commissioner, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation