Friday, October 11, 2013


H/t:An anonymous colleague.


He just wrote me to say this:

Hi Professor:

I am doing ok. How are you doing? Is everything well?

After I graduated, I was unable to find a job in marketing. But things didn't go so well for me as I wasn't able to make any sales when I find a sales job in a phone store. So I was resigned from it and cannot work in the store again. I am currently still looking for a job related to marketing but don't find it, but I don't want to work in the sales department of a store since it didn't work out for me. So it's a bit difficult as all the marketing job I look for before are all sales and I can't sell. 

I would love to come to see you during that time of office hour.

Thank you so much!!!

My answer: "I would say, 'Join the navy, see the world.' Actually, that’s an idea. Have we thought of ROTC for our students?"

The anonymous colleague told him to join the military.  This is how he responded:

Thank you for the information about military. But I will have to think about it because I want to stop school for a while. That's why I didn't apply for graduated school after I graduated. Is military like a graduated school or
less difficult? Do you select the job and get it right away when you leave? Is there GMAT? Is there scholarship?

But thank you for the information!!

The professor then corrected the students' grammar. Another student wrote this:
This is A.B. again. Do you remember you mentioned on my first assignment regarding my grammar problem? You mean that there is a grammar corrector who corrected my paper and helps student to correct the appear online red? Do you have the contact information for that now? 

The students are majoring in business because they expect to get jobs in major US corporations.  The American dream has become the American lie.