Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Letter from KD

The petition asking the Federal Elections Commission to take responsibility for investigating Barack H. Obama's birth certificates now has almost 4,800 signatures. If you haven't signed it yet, please consider doing so. It is located here. I intend to write to my Congressman, Senator, State Senator and State Assemblyman. In addition, I have written a freedom of information act request to the US State Department for copies of Mr. Obama's passport applications. As well, I have written to the FEC and to the New York State Board of Elections. None of these government agencies has responded except for the New York State Secretary of State, who e-mailed to inform me that the Board of Elections and not the Secretary of State is responsible. Readers, I urge you to make similar requests to your elected officials.

The problem of identity theft is a legitimate one in today's world. Many credit card holders find that unscrupulous individuals are able to adopt their identities and file for additional credit cards. There are numerous cases of sociopaths who pretend to be someone other than who they are. There is a man who has married several hundred women, stealing their assets and then moving on.

Is it inconceivable that there are elected officials around the country who are not who they claim? Is it unreasonable to ask our Federal Elections Commission, state boards of election and the United State Congress to require finger printing, id, birth certificates and other identifying information of our elected officials?

Why has Barack Obama refused to open the record in Hawaii? Is this kind of secrecy proper? Please consider contacting your representatives and request, no, demand, reform of the lackadaisical electoral system.

>Dear Mr. Langbert,

Did you get a response to your letter to the FEC yet? Have you sent a letter to your State Senator yet asking these same questions and demanding an investigation. I would be very interested to know. I am an independent voter. I have not yet decided whom I shall vote for and probably won't until the day I vote. I think that all voters who care about this should send letters to their Senators, via certified mail, and then post the letters and the responses on the net. That would light a fire under them. This is an election year.

I find this issue deeply disturbing, especially in light of all the insane "Obamamania" and the lack of media attention to this very fundamental issue. My major concern on this issue is can our country stand another political bruhaha if he gets elected and it turns out that he was not eligible, not to mention the total chaos that would follow. It is mind boggling. Our country does not need this now with everything else that is currently happening. This is a very serious issue for the American people. Thank you for writing your letter and have a nice day.

K. D.

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jcless said...

This is a link for a request to investigate in Illinois.