Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Letter to New York State Board of Elections Re Obama Birth Certificate

The New York Secretary of State's secretary has informed me that the Board of Elections, not the Secretary of State oversees elections in New York. I had previously sent the following letter to the Secretary of State. I have therefore forwarded an e-mail and will send a snail mail letter to the Board of Elections in New York as follows:

PO Box 130
West Shokan, New York 12494
August 9, 2008

James A. Walsh / Co-Chair
Douglas A. Kellner / Co-Chair
Evelyn J. Aquila / Commissioner
Gregory P. Peterson / Commissioner
New York State Board of Elections
40 Steuben Street
Albany, NY 12207-2108

Dear Messrs. Walsh, Kellner and Gregory and Ms. Aquila

I would like to file a public, formal complaint with the New York State Board of Elections requesting verification of the natural-born U.S. citizenship of Mr. Barack Obama, and revocation of the registration and recognition of Mr. Obama’s candidacy for president of the United States if that citizenship is not verified as described below within 7 days of your receipt of this letter. Mr. Obama has not shown that he fulfills the Constitutional requirement for president, to be a “natural born citizen”, Article Two, Section 1.

The basis for this complaint is:

a) Mr. Obama’s refusal to produce a physical certified, stamped copy of his birth certificate, with the Hawaii file number visible, upon my previous repeated request and the requests of others.
b) Significant analysis of the electronically-displayed image displayed by Mr. Obama on his official campaign website as the certificate indicates forgery.
c) The electronically-displayed image displayed by Mr. Obama on his official campaign website has the Hawaii state birth certificate filing number blacked out, eliminating any objective information that links the image to an actual certificate on file (see http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2008/07/atlas-exclusive.html).

If Mr. Obama produces a certified, stamped copy of the original birth certificate with all information visible, I request as the complainant to see that document in person to examine its authenticity, including electronically, before you finalize its response; and the opportunity to verify the authenticity with the issuing state official. This process should require no more than two business days, and may take place in at your office.

If the certificate is not produced in 10 days and verified by you and myself within another 5 days, this complaint requests that Mr. Obama’s registration as a presidential candidate be rejected by the State of New York because he has failed to document his citizenship.

I ask for expedited formal response and resolution of this request, given that the national convention furthering the candidacy will occur in three weeks, and given that this document is easy to produce upon personal request of Mr. Obama to the Hawaii state government. Please note you can request it directly, as qualifying under Hawaii Revised Statutes § 338-18 has having “a direct and tangible interest in the record.”

This request is made with the utmost respect for New York’s laws, the presidential election process and the candidates involved, in the desire to resolve this question quickly and confirm their integrity. If a similar request is appropriate to be made to all presidential candidates it must not slow down this specific request.

If the you decide that you do not have jurisdiction in this matter, please respond within three business days of receipt of this complaint with the state agency or other governmental organization that is responsible for enforcing Article Two, Section One of the Constitution that requires natural-born citizenship for candidacy for the president of the United States. Please include the basis for such jurisdiction by that agency or organization. Please respond by email to: mlangbert@hvc.rr.com


Mitchell Langbert
PO Box 130
203 Watson Hollow Road
West Shokan, New York 12494

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