Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pamela Geller's Old News About Barack Obama's Religion

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs blogs that she noted in 2007 that:

>"Barack Hussein Obama was registered under the name "Barry Soetoro" serial number 203 and entered the Franciscan Asisi Primary School on 1 January 1968 and sat in class 1B.

"School documents listed Barry Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen born in Honolulu, Hawaii on 4 August 1961. Barry's religion was listed as Islam. School documents further record Barry's father as "L Soetoro Ma" who worked as an official of the Director General's office in the TNI Topography division of the Indonesian Army. Classmate Rony Amir describes a young Barry Soetoro as enjoying playing football and marbles and of being a very devout Muslim.

"Barry was previously quite religious in Islam. His birth father, Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim economist from Kenya. Before marrying Ann Dunham, Hussein Obama was married to a woman from Kenya who had seven children. All the relatives of Barry's father were very devout Muslims"

"We previously often asked him to the prayer room close to the house." If he was wearing a sarong he looked funny , said Rony Amir, Barry's classmate when he lived on H Ramli street in Menteng, Jakarta."

"Just for knowing, its not news. It's old news. Very old. I posted it on it January 18, 2007

and hereand...

This story also broke on Frontpagemag on January 27, 2007.

Read the rest of Pamela's brilliant blog here.

Why is the mainstream media lying about this? For Pamela it is old news, for the rest of us it is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

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Ray said...

"A Muslim"
Obama was recorded as having been a Muslim when he started at the Catholic school in Indonesia, but it was impossible for him to have been one because he was far too young to have the understanding that is required to consciously become one.

His father wanted him to be taught about the Muslim religion, which is why he was classified as Muslim on the school form, but no one becomes a Muslim until they make an informed decision about it, and Barack was only 9 years old when he returned to Hawaii so he was not old enough to make that informed decision by the time his Muslim studies had finished.

"Name Soetoro"
If U.S. citizens change their name (on U.S. soil) either with legal paperwork or informally, then the new name becomes their legal name (in the U.S.) but ONLY if they use the new name exclusively, so if young Barack was not exclusively using his parents’ name of Soetoro, then under U.S. law he was still Obama.

That exclusivity would not, and should not, and probably could not exist while young Barack was a U.S. citizen in a foreign land with a U.S. passport because he could not leave Indonesia on his original ‘Obama’ passport if his name had been changed, so he was almost certainly only “known as” Soetoro, rather than actually being Soetoro.

In any case, Indonesian law (even if it was identical to U.S. law in relation to name changes) had no bearing on his status in U.S. law unless special U.S. paperwork was prepared for him in Indonesia, so in my opinion Obama told it like it really WAS in law.

"Indonesian citizen"
The Indonesian citizenship claim is a non-issue because Obama wasn't in Indonesia long enough (5 years) to become a citizen.

"Adopted in Indonesia"
Impossible because he was over the cut-off point of 5 years of age for adoption in Indonesia when he arrived there.

"Lies about the above issues"
(1) Impossible for him to have been a Muslim under religious law.
(2) Impossible to have been an Indonesian citizen.
(3) Impossible for him to have been adopted in Indonesia.
(4) Impossible to have a name change without exclusive use of a new name.