Monday, November 17, 2008

Nancy Razik Lets Fox News Have It

I just received the following e-mail from Nancy Razik:

>Fox News - A big old F-U to you. When it looked like B. O. would be coronated, you dropped all pretense of fair and balanced and turned into a clone of MSNBC. When will Olbermann get his own show on your network? He could join Shep Smith and they could fly off the handle together (or whatever sordid little things they like to do).Those throwing Sarah Palin under the bus can kiss my big old white ass. I can't decide if it's insecurity due to a woman with power or if it's just pure jealousy that a woman can look good, raise a family and be a governor but there would not have been 1/3 of the votes for McCain without Palin on the ticket.I don't want to hear another peep about racism or affirmative action. We've got our first affirmative action president. White guilt? Take your white guilt and shove it where the sun don't shine. Don't want to hear no bitching when the New Black Panthers become part of an Obama administration - after all they helped him out in Philly so he owes the brothers. All race cards have expired and are no longer valid in this country.I look forward to watching the koolaid effect wear off over the next 4 years. It's hard to believe in hope and change when you're standing in the unemployment line. Free college education? Handouts? Help with your mortgage? Dream on - you'll be lucky to still have a pot to piss in when the Dems get through with
you. But don't complain or Rahm "ballerina" Emmanuel will send you a dead fish... Gracious Loser - no damn way. Not at the cost of my Country and the Constitution. Taking a cue from the new "first lady"For the first time in my adult life, I'm ashamed of my country.

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Anonymous said...

Nancy: Boy, you don't pull you punches, do you?

YOU GO, GIRL!!!! I love it.

Here's an odd piece of synchronicity: When I woke in a cold sweat last night from my usual nightmares about the upcoming Obama administration, I suddenly heard a little voice in my head say,

"For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really ashamed of my government."

I would have thought "country" except that in my mind, country is this beautiful land and the good people, like you, who make America great.

It's the government in all forms that has made me ashamed. And afraid.

The Justice Department has let us down with regard to "prosecutors" who joined the Obama Truth Squads or who looked the other way when crimes were committed by certain politicians.

The Courts have let us down with regard to (so far) taking a pass on lawsuits designed to assure the CITIZENS that the person they have HIRED to be POTUS actually qualifies to BE POTUS.

The Executive branch has let us down with regard to any agency that OUGHT to be vetting candidates for eligibility under the Constitution but has not done so. This also includes the FEC for not auditing the extremely questionable campaign finances of BHO.

State governments have let us down in the form of Secretaries of State who did not vet candidates for eligibility and also failed to prevent or investigate voter registration or actual vote fraud. Ditto for election boards across the country.

Political parties have let us down for the same lack of vetting.

Congresspersons, Senators, and President Bush, all of whom are sworn to uphold the Constitution, have let us down. Apparently they do not take their oaths seriously, given that none of them will simply ASK the question of whether or not BHO's a natural born citizen.

Former opponents of BHO, who are now jumping on the Obama bandwagon, have let us down.

Finally, although not part of the government but an entity mentioned in and protected by the Constitution, the "pissant" Obama Mainstream Media has let us down. Apparently, they do not give a rat's ass about the very document that protects their own freedom to thrust mindless drivel in the form of biased propaganda down our throats, in order to reach THEIR goal of electing BHO to be POTUS.