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Dunham-Related Conspiracy?

I just received this e-mail from Contrairimairi:


I have been trying to trace back on some of these people. Some just don't seem to have ever existed, but MaBandla OYama is quite interesting. My brother noticed that if you change two letters in his name, he becomes MaYandla OBama.....maybe "Maya"? I haven't checked on that because, his name comes up in Africa. First, a company that had been brought back from the brink is laid at his feet. Within one year, it is an utter failure. Losses over a BILLION dollars! Then he moves on. One of the companies he becomes associated with has ALL of it's info, even archived info, "scrubbed" from the net. But, Look who he is now aligned with. Check what each of these individuals has as their "background" almost to a person!

SAA Names Deputy CEO, CFO Leaves {emphasis added by me}

November 3, 2003

South African Airways said Monday it had appointed former merchant banker and lawyer Oyama Mabandla as its new deputy chief executive officer and confirmed the resignation of its finance head.

"For the first time the airline has a deputy CEO. Mabandla is a strategic and visionary leader with sound commercial knowledge," the airline said in a statement.
Mabandla is viewed by many in the aviation industry as a possible successor to Chief Executive Andre Viljoen, whose term ends in 2006.

Until his appointment, Mabandla was the airline's head of strategy, revenue management and network planning. Before joining SAA, he worked as a merchant banker in London and Johannesburg. Mabandla is also a lawyer.

SAA also confirmed the resignation of its chief financial officer, Richard Forson, but gave no further details. Local newspapers had reported his departure but there had been no confirmation from the airline.

"The chief financial officer has resigned from the airline and is currently serving notice. His position will be filled in due course," SAA said.
Forson, responsible for treasury and structured finance, is credited by many in the industry as the driving force behind a turnaround at SAA, which saw it posting its first operating profit of ZAR446 million (USD$64.2 million) in the 2002/03 financial year.

The state-owned airline is reeling from a ZAR5.4 billion ($777.5 million) foreign currency loss that same year, however, after it hedged the rand at an average of 10.80/dollar over 10 years.

The hedging -- related to long-term obligations, such as future fuel purchases, loans and leases on aircraft -- pushed Africa's biggest airline into technical insolvency and forced the government to guarantee its debts.

SAA is controlled by state transport utility Transnet. The financial troubles at the domestic airline have resulted in Transnet's treasury boss being put on paid leave pending an investigation into the hedging and other transactions.

Then, one year later:

November 3, 2004
South African Airways (SAA) deputy chief executive Oyama Mabandla has resigned to pursue personal business interests, the airline said on Wednesday.
Mabandla's resignation comes as the state-owned carrier is battling its worst financial crisis after losing 8.6 billion rand (USD$1.39 billion) before tax in its last financial year due to an ill-fated decision to hedge against the rand.
He will leave Africa's biggest airline at the end of the current fiscal year which runs to March 31, 2005. Mabandla's departure follows that of former chief executive Andre Viljoen in August and chief financial officer Richard Forson in October last year. Mabandla was appointed the airline's deputy chief executive in November last year.

"I wish to take this opportunity to recognize Mr Mabandla's immense contribution to SAA especially in the transitional period when he had to exercise leadership leading to this point in our history as an airline," CEO Khaya Ngqula said in a statement.
Mabandla said he would be pursuing business interests "to take advantage of the economic tide that is sweeping our country".

Mairi adds:

Here is where he ends up, and the people he has aligned with. Sorry, thought I had put them together. Mairi

Mr Oyama Mabandla (44) Chairman
Appointed to the Board in 2006

Image BlockedOyama is a representative of Telkom and joined the Vodacom Board on January 1, 2006. He is executive chairman of the Langa Group, a corporate investment company. He is the former deputy Chief Executive Officer of South African Airways, where he also served as General Counsel and Executive Vice President for Strategy, Revenue Management and Network Planning. In the mid 90's Oyama worked as a merchant banker at Union Bank of Switzerland in London and Johannesburg. He later joined the Johannesburg Bar. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California and a Juris Doctorate from Columbia University in New York City.

It says he also worked with "Langa Group" but their page and cached info is scrubbed. Look where he ends up next.....and look what most of them DO or HAVE DONE!

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