Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Andy Martin Begins Obama Birth Certificate Case in Hawaii

I just received the following press release from philo-Semite Andy Martin. Martin's philo-Semitism contrasts with the anti-Semitism of many surrounding Barack Obama, to wit, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. Martin writes:

"Andy Martin lands in Honolulu to prepare for court hearing in Obama birth certificate battle.

"I landed in Honolulu Friday and we have set up a fully functional 'fighting camp' to prepare for the court hearing Tuesday, November 18th at 10:30 A.M. on access to Barack Obama's birth certificate

"This will be the first court hearing anywhere on access to the original, 1961 certificate. The only state that has jurisdiction over such a lawsuit is Hawai'i, because Hawai'i officials are the custodians of the 1961 typewritten paperwork.

"Before we get to the back story, let me start with a disclaimer. I have no idea what the judge will do on Tuesday. I make no predictions, except one: I will prepare to the best of my ability and present as professional a case as the judge permits. Monday morning I will be on the street serving papers and filing with the Clerk in preparation for Tuesday.

"And, looking ahead, whatever happens on Tuesday, on Wednesday we hope to launch my 'Conversation With America' about our future course of action in an Obama administration. I invite all of you to join in and support this mission.

"Just as the FBI always attends every Gambino Family funeral to see who is there, was in Honolulu Friday to observe the 'independent' (not family-sponsored) 'memorial service' held in memory of Barack Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham. We will have a full column later Sunday, or possibly Monday...

"Unlike other lawsuits involving Obama, mine is narrowly and specifically focused on access to the original, typewritten 1961 certificate which Hawai'i officials have confirmed they possess. There is no way anyone can express an opinion on the circumstances of Obama's birth without seeing the vital gateway document. I have refrained from speculating on the contents of the original because my focus is on expressing an informed opinion (a term CNN once made fund of).

"Mr. Obama and his Chicago crew have been very crafty in creating a cloud of confusion over the "abstract" that he furnished to as a purported original birth certificate, when obviously it was nothing of the sort. Many millions of people were confused even though the term "abstract" was clearly visible on the site (and even though seems to have missed that significance, as well).

"We will also be continuing and conducting the research and investigation we began in October to document Obama's origins in Hawai'i with interviews and contacts with people who knew his family and the other "players" in the Honolulu dramas of the 1970's and 80's.

"As these comments are being prepared Sunday morning I can only conclude with a sense of deep humility at the enormity of the task and the nature of the burden. I continue to bear Barack Obama no ill will. Nevertheless, I passionately and sincerely believe that he owes the American people a detailed exposition of both his personal and his family history, and that he has not been candid with the American people. Without candor, he will not be able to establish the legitimacy that is essential for national leadership. He remains a stranger to the American people.

"Barack Obama and his character assassins such as Robert Gibbs have done everything they can to demonize and defeat and intimidate me. They have failed utterly and abjectly. Tuesday morning I will stand up in court, stand tall, and stand proud for every American who believes Barack Obama needs to start telling the truth about himself. The election may be over. But the search for the truth about Mr. Obama is continuing."


Anonymous said...

What happened on the 18th with this?

Anonymous said...

19 November 2008
On December 5, 2008, only ten days before the electoral college votes, the nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court will meet in private to discuss this case identified as:

Leo C. Donofrio, v. Nina Mitchell Wells, Secretary of State of the State of New Jersey
United States Supreme Court Docket No. 08A407

latest obama citizenship lawsuit moves up a level at supreme court

This docketing today by the court for this next step should send ripples of fear through the Obama camp. Obama has been proceeding at lightening speed to put together a cabinet and take possession of the White House with the hope that he won't have to answer the question of whether or not he was "at birth" a "natural born citizen."

Every major news network, print and cable news like FOX, CNN and MSNBC, have ignored all the court cases challenging Obama's eligibility as sore losers or conspiracy theories. It might be in their best interest at this point to report this critically important meeting to take place on December 5, 2008, or lose what little credibility they have left. Article By Devvy Kidd