Monday, November 17, 2008

Mr. Crum Goes to The Supreme Court

Jim Crum has written the following letter to each of the US Supreme Court justices: Scalia, Souter, Thomas, Roberts, Ginsburg, Stevens, Breyer, Kennedy, and Alto:

The Honorable Associate Justice Antonin Scalia
United States Supreme Court
One First Street, N.E.,
Washington, D.C. 20543

Re: Mr. Obama Birth Certificate

Justice Scalia:

By now you must be aware of the various litigants and the constitutional issues surrounding their requests to secure a valid and authentic long form birth certificate for Mr. Obama.

The long form birth certificate is an exact photocopy of the original document that was prepared by the hospital or the doctor at the time of the child’s birth. It typically includes some very specific information such as the birth place, the doctors’ names, the name of the parent(s), as well as residence. It will usually include a signature of the parent and the physician.

It would appear that instead of resolving the matter by furnishing the authentic document for review, the defendant has chosen to obstruct the matter with legal maneuver and judicial ju-jitsu. Perhaps some might see this approach as appropriate, yet candidly it does not serve:

• The defendant whose eligibility and qualifications may be unfairly besmirched
• The electors who may unknowingly certify an ineligible candidate
• The Republic whose laws must be followed
• The nation who must come to consensus over the candidates legitimacy to serve
• The Supreme Court whose powers will be eroded if they refuse to act quickly

I make no determination to the truthfulness of the allegations being pressed to your body for review. Neither should yourselves, or anyone else, until such a time as the documents are secured for inspection, authenticated, and made public.

It is time to do the job for which you were appointed. Specifically, factually determine Mr. Obama’s eligibility to serve the office as described in the US Constitution.


Jim Crum

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