Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama's Incredibly Shrinking Lead: IBD Tracking Poll Shows Dead Heat

The IBD tracking poll is more accurate than the mainstream media polls, possibly in part because of the strong bias among the mainstream media. On day 10 the results were Obama 45.7%, McCain 42.0%, which suggests to me and others who have e-mailed a McCain victory, because all polls have a "Bubba" bias. Also, I have heard that people have realized that Obama's supporters become violent and begin screaming, drooling and throwing things when they hear someone will not support their sociopathic candidate.

Today, Dan Friedman has forwarded the day 11 poll which indicates that Obama leads McCain by 1.1%. Anything less than a 4% Obama lead suggests a McCain victory, assuming that there is no massive voter fraud. Given the bad ethical climate surrounding the Obama campaign, the corrupt Chicago milieu in which he has operated, and the cynical "ends justify the means" utilitarianism of the thugs with whom he has surrounded himself throughout his life, it seems entirely possible that this election will be won through the gun barrel and through fraud, not through the democratic process.

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