Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Andy Martin Speculates That Obama Is Runnin' Scared

I just received the following e-mail from Andy Martin, who speculates that Obama is staying out of Honolulu until Martin leaves.

>Is Obama staying out of Honolulu until Andy Martin leaves?
If Obama's grandmother is so ill, why is Obama delaying his arrival?
Curiouser and curiouser

Executive Editor

"Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct"


Why is Barack Obama delaying his arrival in Honolulu?

Could it be because Andy Martin is there, and Obama is waiting for Martin's departure before The Chosen One lands?

(HONOLULU, HI)(October 21, 2008) This column is just a short response to Barack Obama's strange behavior. We will have a full column (Part Two) later today after lunch. (Remember we are on Hawai'i time, so the columns come out much later on the mainland.)

Obama suddenly announced Monday his grandmother had been gravely ill for weeks. He has his own plane. All he had to do is tell the pilot to file a flight plan for Honolulu and take off. He's the king of his own armada.

But instead of rushing to his grandmother's bedside, Obama is waiting until I leave Honolulu before he lands.

Ask yourself, "What would I do?" What would you do if you had your own plane and mom or dad suddenly took ill? Would you tell the pilot to set course for Hawai'i, or tell him to wait three (3!) days before coming to your relative's bedside? How sick is she if Obama is will to delay his "emergency" for three days?

This entire episode is becoming curiouser and curiouser.

If his grandmother is sick enough to suspend his campaign, why is he "suspending" it days late? Curiouser and curiouser.

Last night I was out doing interviews that had to be postponed because of Hawai'i Supreme Court litigation during the day. My cell phone kept ringing with people wanting to alert me, and warn me of possible harm from Obama with his imminent arrival here. I do not believe Obama, or even his more rabid supporters, will try to cause me physical harm. They are too busy measuring for carpet and drapes in the White House.

But I do believe there is a powerful awareness on Obama's part that I have been pursuing his lies for four years, and we are closing in on his secret truths. The negative karma must be overwhelming. The thief always knows when he is about to be caught. ("Book'em, Danno?")

No one (except the groveling mainstream media) seems to believe Obama's grandmother is so ill that, in light of their past relationship, she merited a campaign suspension (more on that later today).

Strange as it seems to me, we are apparently getting to Obama, and he is increasingly afraid of the David in this David and Goliath (Obama) drama.

Is Obama trying to avoid me? (We leave Honolulu Wednesday night and he arrives "Thursday.") You be the judge.

Stay tuned for High Noon in Honolulu.
We are in the final stages of preparing a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times, and we expect to file by October 27th. Imagine if you will what the Times put on page one: A "report" in which only people who were willing to smear me were contacted, and no one favorable was allowed to appear, in which my successful litigation history was erased from the public consciousness (see www.AndyMartin.com). Rather than a balanced and factual portrayal of a controversial person—I am indeed and indubitably controversial—there was a one-dimensional smear of the crudest kind. And they wonder why the MSM's are dying.

Luckily, we at ContrarianCommentary.com "own" the Internet." "We take the road less traveled...' And that has all the difference.'" (Robert Frost) Watch for the libel lawsuit.

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