Friday, October 24, 2008

Captain Ed, Or Captain Kangaroo?

I just wrote the following letter to NewsMax in response to "Captain Ed's" insulting remarks concerning bloggers who have written about the Obama birth certificate.

Dear Editor: I take issue with "Captain Ed" Morrissey's depiction of bloggers who have been concerned with the birth certificate question as engaging in "a 'conspiracy theory' that had been put to rest by the Obama campaign over the summer but ”has arisen like a zombie yet again to suck the credibility out of the conservative blogosphere.”

I hold a Ph.D. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and have been doing academic research for many years. I have blogged about the Obama birth certificate, and I do not believe that I have done anything to affect anyone's credibility. Perhaps a clue to Mr. Morrissey's weakened credibility is that he insists on calling himself "Captain Ed". Perhaps he should give up sailing for a while and read the blogs he criticizes. In fact, I'm offering to debate him publicly.

I'm not worried about damaging my credibility because I do not think most of the people I know would take my debating with anyone who calls himself "Captain Ed" as anything but a joke.


Mitchell Langbert

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Anonymous said...

This is not to be argumentative, as there is no reason not to continue to pursue the Obama birth certificate issue, but the Sunday Honolulu Advertiser notice of August 13, 1961, listing the August 4 birth of a son to Barack H. Obama needs to be explained if a Kenyan birth for young Barack is claimed.

Image of the Honolulu Advertiser birth notice is here: