Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Letter to A Friend Who Has Suffered An Anxiety Attack Over America

Dear Friend: I was sorry to read about your anxiety attack. The situation in the United States now is deeply troubling, and I fully understand your frustration. The Republican candidate, John McCain, is ineffectual and ignorant of the basic principles on which America was founded. At the same time, he is a man of courage. His opponent, Barack Obama, is dishonest but may not be as bad as you and I fear he may be. In the past hundred years there have been cycles of socialists gaining power in America. These include Theodore Roosevelt, probably the most extreme socialist to occupy the presidency (and a Republican) and his cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is unclear at this point what the effects of an Obama presidency coupled with Democratic control of both Houses of Congress will be. It is clear, however, that the Republicans have not proven much better than your and my worst fears about the Democrats. The Bush administration's policies concerning the banking industry have been more socialistic and more destructive than would be a national health insurance plan.

I believe it is time for those who believe in liberty to take stock and begin considering new alternatives. Although Senator McCain may be preferable to Senator Obama in this election, those who favor freedom and laissez faire need to conceptualize a third way, one that differs from the current alternatives. This in my opinion will require either a revolution within the Republican Party or a third party that will eventually replace it or offer an alternative to the two "Progressive" parties, Democratic and Republican, both of which offer reactionary policies that have ennervated progress, abused freedom and harmed Americans.

Given the dramatic failure of the Republicans under George W. Bush and the popularity of Senator Barack Obama, your anxiety attack is entirely understandable. I believe at this point it is increasingly true that dramatic steps need to be taken to revitablize and re-educate Americans, who have been brainwashed by ignorant "Progressive" ideologues in our education system and media. It is increasingly important that those who see beyond the double talk of the preposterous "Progressive" consensus that dominates our public discussion need courage.

I hope that you feel better and are encouraged that many Americans agree with you.


Mitchell Langbert


Joe Bubel said...

I think, many people give the POTUS more power (in their minds) than they trully have. America survived a Carter administration. We all thought Clinton was going to drive this country left, he did NOT, and the country prospered through the 90s, whether it was a true prosperity or not, 8 years of Clinton did not destroy the country. People may think Bush destroyed the constitution, but fact is, after such a tradgedy we suffered on 9/11/2001, we rose above, and continued on the same prosperity line enjoyed in the 90s. Again, true prosperity or not, only history will tell.

The common theme thoughout these administrations, was a BALLANCE of power. Clinton had only 2 years of a 'friendly' congress. Same with Bush. However, Obama poses something a president has not 'enjoyed' in 30 years. A possible super majority in the congress, both houses. THAT, mon ami, can pose a danger to this country and constitution. Unfair and 'Agree Speach' policy pushed by the left, like the 'fairness doctrine' and Union Anonymous Voting issues, can be passed on demand.

Just watch Pelosi's recent moves. She is so sure of an Obama victory, SHE is calling congress back early. Couldn't do it in September when we wanted Drilling Reform, but apparently she wants to get working ASAP with an Obama presidency on the horizon. THAT scares me!

A McCain presidency would provide BALLANCE, which is something we desparately need. McCain would not have ANY power to 'ruin' the lives of 'hard working' Americans. This is one of the reasons I support McCain/Palin.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Good points, Joe. The wisdom of the Federalist Papers is an important safeguard. But with institutions like the Fed, which operates independently of constitutional government, considerable harm and disruption is being done despite public disapproval. The economics profession and their patrons in the banking and finance field spit in the face of democracy and limited government in order to further their elitist ends, ends that the left and the "Progressive" establishment, Democratic and Republican, are eager to hail. Or should I say "heil"?

Phil Orenstein said...

Allow me to chime in. Poltics is the art of the possible and when you're operating in a progressive universe where Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Peace Prize, MCain/Palin with all their failings isn't too shabby a package relatively speaking. It's like a bad hot dog to a starving man, for lack of a better analogy. But Obama scares the bejesus out of me. Perhaps he's the anti-christ of progressivism. I fear a great depression to last for a decade or more, if he should be elected and call on our "patriotic duty" to pay more taxes and insitiute massive publics works programs like H. Hoover did in 1929, and then invoke such repressive federal measures as a Fairness Docrtrine as a nat'l emergency. Like Mitch said we have to educate and de-program the people from their massive addiction to socialism/progressive thinking, and Mitch has been doing a yoeman's job of that!!

Mitchell Langbert said...

Thanks Phil. You're doing well too!