Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Larwyn On the Failure of the Two-Party System

Larwyn is known to all conservative bloggers. She compiles and then coordinates dozens of blogs, and sends the results in a compendium to all on her mailing list. Rarely, however, do we get the chance to learn of her own ideas. Recently, I was fortunate to receive her views on the failure of the two party system.

>"I'm praying, but not really certain what I am praying for as I do not trust McCain. I know that, in many ways, he can do much if not more harm than O!

"A third party is a long haul. I actually canvassed to collect signatures to get Perot on the ballot in PA, so I've dreamed of a third party for a long time.

"I think the FIRST BATTLE should be, as I wrote today...


"Before we take the long slough establishing a third party, let's demand the above to allow the registered REPUBS to battle it out. If the LIBERAL WING WINS, we would then have a polarized party a la the current PUMAS in the DEMS.

"Due to Indies and DEMS being permitted to vote in primaries in many states, we don't have that this time. We must get after the RNC to demand that states only allow registered REPUBS to vote in primaries. We can proceed from there. If they refuse to even address this, we've already lost and can then proceed with clear conscience. (Emphasis added).

"There is no doubt, in my mind, that we must make a stand. There is no other country in this world to run to or to send our grandchildren to, is there?

"Hope you saw the Treacher post in collection sent early this AM, so I'm not alone. And I don't have a day job, been reading blogs & following news ~16 hours a day for years now...sigh.

"Also in that one, Gateway on the NEW GRADE SCHOOL TEXTBOOK with 15 pages devoted to O! is terrifying. I am hoping that ANGRY PARENTS will be outside that school this morning. Just another reason why AYERS and the Annenberg Challenge/Hugo Chavez links are so important. Of course the truth here is that the LIBS aren't having children so they must indoctrinate ours while opening our borders to those with a natural SOCIALISTIC/CLASS WARFARE BENT.

"That is why I don't think taking back America will be bloodless, glad we are the side who celebrates manly men and manly virtues and the side that believes in the 2nd Amendment,when push comes to more than shoving.

God bless

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