Friday, October 17, 2008

Dorothy Maddox-Holland of the FEC Responds to ACORN Inquiry

The FEC has not responded to repeated inquiries about the Obama birth certificate. However, they have just e-mailed me that voter fraud by ACORN--is not their job.

>Good morning Dr. Langbert

Thank you for your letter dated September 29, 2008 regarding allegations of an unusually high level of voter fraud associated with ACORN.

Unfortunately, this type of inquiry is not handled by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Office of Inspector General (OIG). However, your letter was forwarded to the Election Assistance Commission who in turn informed the FEC/OIG that this type of inquiry is handled by the Department of Justice, Civil Voting Section, 1-800-253-3931. Once again, thank you for your inquiry.


Dorothy Maddox-Holland
Special Assistant to the Inspector General

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