Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Contrairimairi Receives Response from Dan White of Illinois Election Board

Contraiairmairi has been following up Dan White, the partisan, pro-Obama head of the Illinois election board for several months. Mairi has been asking Dan White to enforce the Constitution of the United States and require that Barack Obama produce verification that he is a natural-born citizen. After months of follow up Mairi has received the following response:

"Thank you for your letter regarding BO. And.....I will review and take appropriate action." Would you say Dan White and the Illinois Election Board are corrupt, incompetent or simply using the government to foster a preferred candidate?

Mairi has written me the following e-mail:

Dear Mitchell,
It only took THREE tries, but I FINALLY received a response from Dan White. Who'd-a-thunk-it?
In a nutshell, two sentences.
Now, he doesn't say WHEN! Maybe, oh, I don't know.........AFTER the election? In 2012 before the next election?
And absolutely NO mention of just what appropriate action might be......SHEESH!
This IS Illinois. I know, a reprimand? A little slap on the wrist in private so Dan White is not accused of "abuse"?
I did send copies of my second and third letters to media and Governor Blagojevich, and just for good measure, to Jesse White, our illustrious Secretary of State.
BO is sitting as a U.S.Senator, responsible for passing laws that ALL Americans will be impacted by. He sat as an Illinois Senator, legislating to Illinois residents, and he MAY be an illegal alien! I am surprised to have finally heard at ALL from Mr. White, but I am thinking he should change his name to Mr. "Whitewash"! Sounds a bit more appropriate to me!

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