Wednesday, September 24, 2008

University of Massachusetts Chaplain Kent Higgins Ought to Resign

Sharad Karkhanis forwarded an article from Fox which indicates that Chaplain Kent Higgins of the University of Massachusetts wanted to give college credit to students who campaigned for Barack Obama. Chaplain Higgins's actions are consistent with the generally unethical pattern associated with the Barack Obama campaign.

As I have written in Frontpagemag and elsewhere, it is a violation of the federal law that grants a tax exemption to universities for the universities to be used for political purposes. Moreover, according to a spokesman for U Mass:

"University officials disavowed the effort after inquiries Monday by The Associated Press. They said it could run afoul of state ethics laws banning on-the-job political activity, as well as university policy."

I am sure that Chaplain Higgins did not intend to violate legal and ethical standards for Barack Obama, but rather he was ignorant of them. Nevertheless, ignorance of basic legal requirements that redound to one's benefit constitutes a breach of ethical duty. Moreover, Chaplain Higgins perpetuates his unethical behavior because:

"Higgins refused to identify the history department sponsor and referred all further questions to university officials."

This additional step amounts to a cover up. Chaplain Higgins ought to resign.

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