Sunday, September 21, 2008

United States Should Spin Off Into Three Republics

The time has come to decentralize the United States. I think that the alternative camps, the socialist progressives, the conservative progressives and the libertarians have little enough in common that separate economic policies would be more productive than continued association. This would also have the advantage of enabling Americans to see which system works best--Democratic Party socialism, big business/socialist conservatism or free market liberalism. Perhaps the three republics could be renamed

-the United Socialist States of America (Democratic Party socialism)
-the United States of America (libertarian)
-the Corporate States of America (big business conservatism)

Perhaps the southwest could spin off and become the libertarian federation, the northeast could become the big business federation, and the Midwest and could become the socialist federation

I suppose the ideologically affiliated states need not be contiguous.

Even if only one state becomes a free market society, that would eventually be the dominant power. The other two confederations would become like North Korea (socialist) and Europe (big business conservatism).

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