Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Republicans Let a Corrupt Obama Win

Sadly, the Republicans are falling over themselves to let Obama win, so there's little we can do. Once John McCain decided to identify with George Bush, he ensured Obama's victory.

Contrairimairi writes:

>John Gibson just reported on Fox News, that Jim Johnson is still working with the Obama campaign. In an e-mail sent to former Hillary supporters, Tom Daschle has invited them to a breakfast given by him and Jim Johnson. Mr. Gibson made it abundantly clear that Jim Johnson is still very much involved in Obama's candidacy.

What is it going to take to prove that Obama does not now, did not then, and NEVER will have America or Americans best interests at heart? This apparent liar and "rip-off artist extraordinaire" has ALWAYS put himself first in EVERYTHING he has undertaken. It appears he was lining his pockets within MOMENTS of landing in Washington as the junior Senator from Illinois from the very companies he now "pretends" to be so "outraged" about. Not too surprising considering his contacts with Tony Rezko.

One HAS to wonder WHERE all the money from the millions "earmarked" to improve public housing in Chicago ended up..........where the millions "earmarked" to improve education in Chicago's poorest schools ended up.........WHY, despite his continuing "efforts" as a "community organizer" on Chicago's south side, NOTHING in those neighborhoods seems to have significantly improved. Probably, it would be safer to say that things have probably grown WORSE! More young people die in those neighborhoods than have been lost in similar time frames in the war. Housing in those areas remains sub-standard and dangerous. The peoples' quality of life in those areas NEVER seems to improve. I think we can tell from the trail we ARE able to pick up on, despite Obama's efforts to "hide everything from his past", that he never does ANYTHING without major benefit to himself.

I would LOVE to see one member of the MSM walk the sidewalks in the areas of Obama's "community organizing"....walk the hallways of the low income housing that SHOULD have been improved with the millions that had been earmarked for the area.......sit in a classroom with the children whose schools and education SHOULD have improved after Obama's "efforts" there.

Instead, we find out today, that one of the main contributors to the ills on Wall Street and the near financial collapse in America, is STILL on the campaign trail with Obama. I BEG Americans, do NOT listen to what this man says, watch what he does! He insults Americans at EVERY opportunity, apparently thinking we are just too stupid to get it.

This man is NOT POTUS material, and can NEVER even hope to be! We cannot ever expect the media to show the true facts that cloak this man. John Gibson stated on Fox News, the reason I am here telling you about this, is because the media will not!

This is just too truly pathetic!

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