Monday, September 22, 2008

To Bolt or Not to Bolt: Contrairiamairi Says "Not"!

Dear Mitchell,
I deeply understand your outrage with government over the last few weeks' economic situation. On a personal note, I do not like or trust Paulson. I know what is happening runs much deeper, but I just wanted to let you know from the beginning that I am very unhappy about the state of affairs.
Over the short months I have come to know you, I have trusted much in your ideas and expertise in much of what was coming down in this campaign season. You are capable of much "long-term" thinking, and do not give in to the "shortsightedness" we see surrounding those in Washington, as well as those involved in this campaign process, including the electorate.
The name calling and finger pointing has become so vile, that I can barely stomach much of the rhetoric any longer. I do have many of my own ideas on all of the proceedings. However, while I have come to trust you as a beacon of more sensibility in all of this, you probably know that my background in my own life has filled me with thoughts and ideas that I believe to be part of my "heritage". My Dad was a VERY strong influence in my life, and short of having him here, I often find myself considering what he would have said or done in a particular situation. Sometimes when I try my hardest to find that place where I know he would be, an answer jumps at me, that makes me feel I can make a comfortable decision.
I would ask you to look back at Sean Hannity's interview with Sarah Palin. I re-watched it over the weekend, because sometimes, small things are missed the first time around. I was FURIOUS over the bailout of Wall St., and even MORE FURIOUS over the lies of BO and the Democrats about whose fault this actually was! Republicans began questioning the goings on on Wall St. under Clinton. The attempts to gain better control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continued throughout the Bush years. Every attempt to scrutinize the hornet's nest was shut down by Dems, FAR too many of whom were receiving major monetary contributions from the perpetrators. In just the exceedingly short time BO was in Washington, his gains eclipsed others who had made Washington their "life-long" project.
In the Sarah Palin interview, Sarah tells Sean that she disagrees with John McCain about drilling in ANWR. She tells Sean, that while they do not agree, John keeps an open mind and opens his door to those of opposite opinions, and that she will continue her work to encourage him to drill in ANWR.
THAT was just the message I was looking for! It has nothing to do with ANWR, it has EVERYTHING to do with John McCain being open to listening to opposing views! I would urge you to consider BO. He is so closed and narrow minded, he sees NOTHING but himself, and his ideology that he is some sort of god, to be worshipped and obeyed! When he speaks on something, unless his demented "inner-circle" of questionable advisers "change his mind for him", it is like the Pope speaking "ExCathedra". Consider, knowing his friends, his advisers, and his very capability of rising to the top of the "pay-out" scheme so quickly after he set foot in Washington, how open you think he will be to opposing ideas. My loathing of this man runs MUCH deeper, but some opinions I prefer to keep to myself. I feel that if you are truly trying to find the lesser evil, PLEASE take the side of someone who will HOPEFULLY turn their ear to the American people and act accordingly. I believe John McCain has America at heart, while I also believe that BO is so enamored of being the "World-Citizen" President, that Americans may be the next ones thrown under his bus if he is elected.
I know, given your own background, how difficult this campaign season has been, and trust me, you are NOT alone. Americans will HOPEFULLY gain something from all of this, although, I am not holding my breath. I believe it is time for the "silent majority", who hold the Constitution so dear to their hearts, to rear up and take back our Country, our conservative beliefs, and no matter how politically "incorrect" our involvement may appear, to re-instill the foundations upon which this Country was founded.


Madharry said...

MC has been in the Senate for over 20 years. that guy is a prof. politician. On top of that he was one of the Keating 5. remember the last government bail-out? Im far from convinced that having a person like that at the helm is better than having someone who went to harvard law, and seems bright enough to get the job done.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Good point about the Keating 5. Also, many of Obama's associates are linked to the Fannie Mae scandal, and Obama received coin from them, and he did this in four years against Mc's more than two decades.