Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chicago Board of Elections Chief Accused of Conflict of Interest

After the response I got from Steven J. Sturm and Daniel W. White of the Illinois Board of Elections, ReunionPI sent me the following ABC Chicago link about the current Chicago Board of Elections chief:

"March 5, 2007 (WLS) -- The ABC7 News I-Team has learned that long-time Chicago Election Board Chairman Langdon Neal is facing accusations of conflict of interest. The allegations come less than a week after Chicago's mayoral election. Some of the charges are included in a federal lawsuit against Neal.

"The Chicago Board of Elections is the public agency that determines whether candidates are legal, composes ballots, manages election machinery and finally counts the votes. For 11 years, prominent attorney Langdon Neal has been chairman of the election board. Neal is now facing criticism because of his work as a private lawyer who does millions of dollars in legal business with government agencies. It is not criminal but, some say, is questionable."

What do you know? The Chicago Board of Elections has a sleazy history. I never would have guessed based on Steven J. Sturm's (of the Illinois Board) letter. I wonder if ABC waited the requisite five days after the Chicago election to break the story.

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