Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KL's Thoughts on the Berg Law Suit

KL supports Hillary Clinton. Here are KL's thoughts on Philip Berg's law suit:

>"Some may paint Berg as a crackpot, but this II Amendment bombshell needs to be defused and settled now, during the convention. He WAS adopted by Soetoro and his name changed. When did he change it back to Obama legally and where is the paperwork? How did he get back into the country, under which name? He was registered as an Indonesian national in school. He did travel to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport, not an American one. That use shows that he claimed Indonesian citizenship. That makes him a citizen of Indonesia after the age of 18, not America, unless he can prove taking the citizen oath after that. I do not think he can. At any rate, I think that makes him ineligible.

>"Check out the "bona fide" birth certificate at

>"I would like to see one actually signed by the registrar and not just rubberstamped. That would hold someone personally accountable and liable then. Why wasn't this just produced in the beginning? I also want to see the actual vault certificate verified. There are a lot of ObamaManiacs in Hawaii who may be capable of being bribed. Anybody can make a rubber stamp nowadays or use the embossed sealer without permission. They have certainly had the time to so. The certificate still says "African" for fathers race. There are white Africans also.

>"Also, he did not allegedly register for the Selective Service till September 4, 1980. He was supposed to register on any of the six days beginning Monday, July 28, 1980. Why so late? His registration number is supposed to be 61-1125539-1. Could it possibly be someone else's. Perhaps that of someone who has died and cannot contest or claim it? Could it be the only one they could numerically find closest to his registration date? Why did it take so long to produce and can we really trust the records now? Just seeing this on the net is not conclusive to me. Where is the photocopy of the genuine document itself. I now want to see it checked officially. Why did Obama not produce this information when first asked considering his very eligibility depended on it? How hard would that have been. The real document should be checked by a document examiner. Obama has the kind of money to get things changed and altered."

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