Monday, August 25, 2008

Illinois Just Says No to Contrairimairi--JJC Responds

Contrairimairi is trying to clean out the Chicago yards, but Daniel W. White, head of steer on the Illinois dung hill, does not care. Were only HL Mencken alive.

Contrairimairi writes and JJC responds:

>"Please excuse any typos, but I am VERY angry at the moment! Just spoke to "Gary" at the Springfield Board of Elections. I asked when the filing would be for placement on the Illinois presidential ballot. For democrats, it is Aug. 29, 2008. must have filed any and all objections to a candidate being placed on the ballot in Oct. or Nov. of LAST YEAR! ( Gary wasn't exactly sure when objections had to have been filed.)

>I asked WHY a person was not removed from office if he was not legally qualified DESPITE the date to file objections. He said it's just the way it is. They do NOT check qualifications, only that petitions are filed legally and then only if there are no objections to the signatures on the petitions!

>We discussed the fact that Hussein may not even be a citizen, and he seemed dumbfounded. He didn't really have an answer to that situation. He said he thought Hussein was born in Hawaii and that was all that mattered. I told him that he was an Indonesian citizen in the 60's, had apparently used his Indonesian passport as an adult, thereby accepting that citizenship, and that there didn't seem to be any record of him ever renouncing that citizenship and taking an oath of citizenship in the U.S. He again seemed dumbfounded.

>My contention with him was, that all information about Hussein has conveniently been "lost" or "sealed" as in the CAC records. He said he had to admit he didn't know anything about Hussein either. I told him, that the question of citizenship has JUST surfaced, and that I believed that no matter where a person was in term of office, if they were found to be holding that office illegally, they needed to be removed! Seems Illinois just doesn't work that way, and he suggested that we seek answers through court filings. He also recommended that we check with our state senator or congressperson.

>I told him I was sick and tired of Illinois being second to the last in shady politics and being the laughing-stock of the rest of the Country. He just had nothing to say. I asked him to please let Dan White know I was VERY angry he had not answered my previous letter.

>Looks like the ONLY way to resolve this matter in Illinois, is to file a case as Mr. Berg has. Illinois apparently makes NO PROVISION to verify the qualifications of ANY candidate here. It IS all a "gentlemanly process" and the public be damned!

>Know any good attorneys in Illinois? Or is that one of those HUGE "oxymorons"?

JJC Responds:

>My commentary, for what it is worth:

>1) Illinois protocols are set up in such a way to make challenging a candidate being placed on a ballot rather difficult. Difficult in that it would require considerable lead time, and frankly advance knowledge and planning. Generally this is a good idea as it cuts down on potential chaos as we near elections. For the most part, we are ill served by having last minute filings and challenges that might delay an election.

>2) Berg's action is forceful, but only time will tell us what traction it will get.

>3) If someone has contact information, perhaps a question can be posed to Mr. Berg, to see if the filing can be duplicated in other states and ask for suggestions. I do not know of any attorneys who would be capable or willing to handle this, or I would have asked by now.

>4) Hence, perhaps a letter with the filings be copied and forwarded to the State of Illinois minority (GOP) leader. Keep in mind, these guys are sometimes part of the problem as well, and some are cowed by the crowd in Chicago.

>Ultimately, the Berg lawsuit has to be made known to the voters. The allegations, as fantastic as they might seem, as expressed in that piece of litigation have to be determined.

For the record, Mr. Berg's website is at and his e-mail is at

Philip J. Berg responds:

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