Wednesday, August 27, 2008

JJC Corresponds with Philip J. Berg Re Add'l Law Suits

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Thank you for you comments. I can tell you the DNC and FEC have been served. We are still awaiting for Confirmation of Service regarding Obama. If you are planning to file suit in another state, please have the attorney call me and I will be happy to assist with the information we have.

Thank you for your email and kind words. Please keep up the great job and continue spreading the word. Together we can make a difference!

Philip J. Berg, Esquire
August 25, 2008

Mr. Berg:

I am inquiring about the disposition of the lawsuit placed in PA regarding the legal status and eligibility of Mr. Obama.

This is a challenging endeavor, made even more difficult as the burden of proof exists with the plaintiff. To date, despite many attempts, no information or documentation has been made manifest. So, what should be a trivial issue to resolve, instead has festered through the tool of obfuscation and obstructionism by the Obama campaign into an open sore.

It appears that there is genuine doubt as to the actual truth in this matter. These doubts must be laid to rest as the stakes are simply too high to continue. In the event that his eligibility is removed, it could precipitate a genuine constitutional crisis. No matter what political stripe, we are all Americans, and this risk must be headed off before it can create great difficulty for our nation.

All of this could be resolved with a little transparency, but it seems that will not happen.

Mr. Berg, what is the process to file this petition in other states?

Are there attorneys who would be willing to undertake this project?


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mary said...

Mr.Berg when Claire Mcaskill convientely questioned Mccains eligibility in April of this year did she throw in some "amendments"
that would qualify Obama if he was to be found out??/we all know Mccain had been cleared in 2000 and she still questioned it cause we all know she supports Obama big time