Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Republicans Liberate Ulster County!

I just received the following great news from Robin Vaccai Yess.

>"Good morning everyone. It was a great (and late) night last night. I just wanted to thank all of our Candidates, our Town Chairs and all of our Committees for their efforts this election year. While we were not successful in every race, winning both countywide races with Nina* and Don** AND winning a majority (18 – 15) in the Ulster County Legislature (unseating several incumbent Democrats in the process) speaks volumes. In local elections, our Republican candidates were successful in many towns across the county and we should congratulate them as well. Thank you all for your hard work and congratulations to all of our newly elected Republican officials! Enjoy the day."

Viewed in this light, our loss in the Town of Olive doesn't seem so bad. First off, we haven't had any candidate at all for a number of election cycles, and 44% at a first stab is not bad. The Keystone cops in the Democratic-Party-Town-of-Olive- Waste-and-Spend Sanitarium have gone from 0% to 44% opposition. With a newly won Republican County legislature, Mario Catalano and Robin Yess have much about which to be proud.

*Nina Postupack, Ulster County Clerk
**Donald Williams, Ulster County Court Judge

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