Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christie and McDonnell Win

I turned on television news (Fox, of course) for the first time in a year. The news was better this election day than last. As of now, (10:36 pm) Chris Christie (NJ), and Robert F. McDonnell (Va) are winning handily, although Doug Hoffman (NY 23) appears to be behind the extremist Democrat, Bill Owens. Turncoat Scozzafava is pulling six percent. I am not surprised at this last small reversal.

I had previously blogged about NY 23rd. Do not confuse the "North County" with upstate New York, of which it is only the northernmost part. It is an entirely different world from the Hudson Valley, the Catskills, central New York, the southern tier or western New York. The former Republican Congressman there, John McHugh, was a Republican at the public trough who currently serves as one of Barack Obama's professional looters. The people of the North Country are in large part on welfare or work for politically correct universities that are as corrupt as the New York and county governments. My clearest memories of the North Country are of the cynical, incompetent officials up there.

Nor is it an exaggeration to say that in St. Lawrence County the largest single building is the Association of Retarded Children. The reasons are the extensive in-breeding and incest. Given the high mental retardation rate in the North Country, it is not surprising that they have opted for the Democrat.

In 2008 I was stunned that the American people elected a lying, left-wing extremist like Barack Obama. I could not believe that either (a) the country had developed a taste for national socialism or (b) that a significant portion of the public was fooled by the odd claim of the Democratic Party media that Mr. Obama is a "moderate." The evidence so militated against this view that people had to want to be fooled.

I shouldn't have been stunned. There is a long history of the American people's affection for con men going back to the days of PT Barnum and the American Museum. A sucker is born every minute. Americans love hucksters, snake oil salesmen and big time crooks. Tony Soprano. Charles Ponzi. Jesse James. Obama is the biggest of them all. The biggest liar. The most extreme sociopath. The biggest time hoodlum. His organization, ACORN, the largest racketeering organization in the history of the world, one which the Democrats actively support with taxpayer money. In previous generations Democrats in New York and Chicago depended on racketeers. Today, the racketeers at ACORN depend on the Obama-led Democrats.

Happily, the public is starting to awaken. But there needs to be an more relentless cleansing of first the Republican Party and second the extremists in Washington.

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Raquel Okyay said...

If the Tea Party movement would have hit an unsuspecting district in Upstate New York, this quickly, out of nowhere, would have been incredible.

The fact that Hoffman came so close is a win. Obviously the Dems had their eyes on this seat. It may very well be the case that the Repubs were in cahoots with the White House, with the appointment of Rep. Hughes. The Scazzafazza Democrat endorsement was necessary for the deal.

The Republicans have one year to pull it together, I hope that they do.