Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keystone Cops Win In Olive

Dutch Barringer (R-C) ended up with 732 votes to Berndt Leifeld's (D) 921 according to the Times Herald Record. The 56-44% difference is a 12 point spread, on which it is difficult to put a positive spin. The Democratic voters outnumber the Republican by about 37-27%, which is roughly equivalent to the margin of victory. Given that there have been few Olive Republican candidates in the past 12 years, 44% is a start. One problem now is to identify good candidates for the future and to continue to expose the chronic waste and incompetence in Olive's Town government.

Vincent Barringer, R, C 732
*Berndt J. Leifeld, D, OG 921
Town Clerk
Cindy Johansen, R X
*Sylvia Rozzelle, D, C, OG 1234
Highway Superintendent
*James G. Fugel, D, C, OG 1069
Chet Scofield, R 484
Town Justice
*Timothy Cox, D, C, OG 980
Earla VanKleeck 554
Councilman (Two seats)
*Linda M. Burkhardt, D, OG 806
Craig Grazier, R, I, C 750
*Bruce Lamonda, D, OG 897
Donald VanBuren, R, C 588
Rita E. Vanacore, OB 176

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