Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clintons to Move to Woodstock, NY?

Last August Bill and Hillary Clinton interrupted my usual workout at the exclusive Emerson Resort and Spa in Mount Pleasant, NY, about 15 miles from Woodstock and about 10 miles from my house. Actually, I took President Clinton by surprise when he opened the door to the gym. He sent a secret service agent to scope out the gym instead. On March 13, the Kingston Freeman wrote:

Speculation has been growing around Ulster County in recent weeks that former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, are buying a home in the community known for its arts and history. The former first couple, whose home is in Westchester County, seems to be enamored of the area — evidenced by multiple visits here — but whether they plan to become local residents is anything but certain...An employee in the Woodstock town assessor’s office said she had heard talk on the street about the Clintons buying a house here but had not seen any deed to prove it....The Woodstock town supervisor’s office also said it had no information, nor did the public relations director at the Emerson Resort & Spa in Mount Tremper, where the Clintons have stayed on two occasions, most recently in December.

Casey Seiler of the Albany Times Union adds:

The Daily Freeman has a piece today about speculation that the Clintons are close to purchasing a house in or around Woodstock. No word from spokesmen at the Clinton Global Initiative or the State Department.

Could anything be more perfect that having America’s echt Boomer power couple — who named their daughter after a Joni Mitchell song, for heaven’s sake — ending their peripatetic late-midlife careers and retiring to the town that gave their generation its pop-cultural watershed moment, or at least the name for it?

Our question for today: Would the Clintons be good, bad or indifferent for the town?

Maybe the Bilderburg Group will start having its meetings at the Emerson. That should be good for the local economy but not so good otherwise! Maybe the Catskills will be become the headquarters of the New World Order...Nah...

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