Thursday, March 19, 2009

Florida Repubs Call Pickpocket Barack Names

Nancy Razik just forwarded this from Ben Smith's blog. Apparently, Florida Republicans have been questioning Mr. Obama's citizenship:

>"Yesterday, State Senator Rhonda Storms refused to acknowledge the fact that President Obama is the President during a hearing in the State Senate. Senator Storms repeatedly called Obama, "Senator Obama," "Candidate Obama," then she called him "The Messiah." And when the Democrats objected, the Republican Committee Chairman just got mad."

The Republicans should keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Rhonda Storms is famous for being childish and idiotic. She says blacks can't pass the state bar and public libraries should ban books about homosexuality. She tries to sneak "intelligent design" mandates into bills. Keep calling him names instead of having intelligent debate. I am sure that will help America.

Mitchell Langbert said...

I've tried to debate intelligently with Democrats and liberals, but they're too dishonest, ignorant and stupid. Are you the guy who was pretending to be a Republican arguing against the birth certificate questions and then turned out to be a Democrat?

The reason Democrats are moral garbage is that their epistemology is rooted in the belief that all truth emanates from their pseudo-religious eschatology--that socialism and redistribution of wealth is the ultimate good and any crime--murder, mass murder, torture, impoverishment, theft, etc.--is unimportant. The end of income re-distribution justifies all means in the sick, perverted minds of leftists and socialists.

I disagree. I believe that life is more important than income redistribution, and a higher average wealth per person is more important than equality. I do not believe that stealing is moral, as do leftists, nor do I believe that you or Pickpocket Barack is capable of intelligent debate.

Finally, the Democrats and the left claim to favor the poor, but serve to favor an aristocracy led by the super-rich (Warren Buffett, the Ochs Sulzbergers, George Soros and Wall Street in general) but lie and claim to favor the poor.

Through manipulative lying the left has convinced the public to believe in its destructive, self-serving ideas.

I would be happy to debate with you intelligently, but I doubt you have the knowledge, ability or interest in such debate.

For example, do you really believe that Pickpocket Barack is anything other than a stooge for Wall Street?

Can you identify how the Federal Reserve Bank redistributes wealth to Wall Street?

Can you explain how the Federal Reserve works?