Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama Birth Certificate: Turner Responds--Martin Counter Responds

Neil Turner Writes:

Andy; You asked us to let you know what we think about your column (below) and your arguments against Berg. My comments follow your statements:

‘Mr. Berg did file his loony case, and it began to attract a lot of attention. My initial reaction was sadness at the gullibility of the public. People obviously had no idea that the form and forum of Berg's lawsuit were totally deficient.’

My comments: Berg’s lawsuit got Obama to publish a blatantly fraudulent and doctored (rendering it invalid) COLB, thereby implicating himself (Obama) in what may be the biggest attempted fraud in the history of our Constitutional Republic.

‘Berg's lawsuit was promptly dismissed, as I had anticipated before it was even filed. Berg was ready with an explanation: there was a conspiracy to deprive him of justice. No such conspiracy existed.’

My comments: Berg filed on 8/21/08, and his suit was ‘Dismissed’ for ‘lack of standing’ on October 27, 63 days later (not promptly dismissed as you state). This ‘unprompt’ ruling gave enough time to claim admission of the charges due to non-response by Obama (et al), and got him to produce his self-implicating blatantly false COLB.

‘When I asked Berg in August how he was going to prove Obama was born in Kenya, he said "I saw it on the Internet." Not good enough for a federal judge.’

My comments: C’mon Andy. Crappy argument, especially when you now know that Jerome Corsi went to Kenya and confirmed it with his detailed research.

‘To be sure, my Committee also receives donations, but we have funded two trips to Hawai'i for Obama research and investigation, and a birth certificate lawsuit scheduled for a hearing on November 18th in Honolulu.’

My comments: A lawsuit? Against whom? Isn’t it just a petition to the court to release ‘alleged’ documents, that most assuredly will not be released, since no one believes that they actually do exist. Time is lost, nothing gained, and you start again.

You dismissed my suggestion that we get thousands of people to request any documents concerning this issue (under the Freedom of Information Act), instead relying on your single person request – which obviously will go nowhere, and will get no press coverage (like the refusal of thousands of requests probably would).

‘Finally, is Berg really an Obama operative? Berg's behavior is so far outside the normal confines of legal practice that his conduct is aberrant as well as abhorrent. To date, only Obama has benefited from Berg's misbehavior.’

My comments: Your bashing of the only person who has gotten our concerns into 2 courts as an actual lawsuit (one being the SCOTUS) seems aberrant as well as abhorrent to those of us who sincerely want this issue publicized nationwide until justice (and our Constitution) is served!

And now, for you to ask the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board to investigate the conduct of Mr. Berg, seems most aberrant and abhorrent indeed.

Although I am not an enthusiastic believer of the Berg-for-Obama explanation for Berg's behavior, it still makes a lot of sense.

My comments: It makes no sense whatsoever!

At some point Berg could face sanctions for his misconduct and abusive behavior.

My comments: Which are???

‘So we are left with no clear explanation for why Berg is acting out: (1) is he "crazy" or ill? (2) is he an Obama saboteur? (3) is he a financial flim flam artist using false claims to collect money?’

My comments: What false claims? A $90,000 ‘Open Letter to Obama’ ad in USA Today will reach millions more people than a single-person FOIA request for non-existent documents in Hawaii, I would proffer. (3,000 people sending in $30 should just about do it. Please send yours today).

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Click here to see how much money we have raised so far. ($14,000 as of 11-12-08)

So what is Berg's game? Let me know what you think.

My comments: I think that your arguments stink!

Please try to bury your hatchet for Mr. Berg (no matter what you think about him) and help us finish the work of keeping this ILLEGAL ALIEN POSEUR and IMPOSTER Obama from trashing our Constitution and our Nation. The job at hand is too big for this dissention in the ranks of our Patriots. (We saw this with the traitor Jim Gilchrist - co-founder of the modern-day Minutemen movement – and it did us no good).


Neil Turner
Carlsbad, CA

Andy Martin Responds

Your letter is so fallacious as to be unworthy of serious response. Your claim that Berg's lawsuit got Obama to release a birth certificate is complete nonsense. Obama released his document months before Berg. Had Berg actually accomplished what you claim, he would have taken credit for it. Did he make such a claim? No.

With many Obama opponents in your state of mind, is it any wonder Obama won? The inability of his opponents to confront and admit reality is what helped Obama get elected.

Sadly, you refuse to admit the facts even when they are biting you in the nose. What will your excuse be when Berg is kicked out of the Supreme Court? Another conspiracy?

Andy Martin


Mairi said...

Andy Martin, With all due respect, we don't need this kind of nonsense in our ranks. Good Americans are hoping to resolve a mighty issue. I believe Mr. Berg to be both honorable and reputable. I believe you are as well. You have each attempted to solve the matter of a likely ineligible candidate from becoming the 44th President. Mr. Berg has done what he hoped best in his capacity as an attorney. Not every attorney works with every arena of the law. Maybe Mr. Berg was out of his element, time will tell. He did attempt with what he understood, IMHO, to bring a sound case. Mr. Obama IS a Constitutional lawyer, apparently a bit more capable to field Mr. Berg's challenge.
You are working in an arena you know better. Time will tell how well Mr. Obama deals with you.
In the meantime, America is losing. We are losing time, and faith in a system that seems to be on the side of secrecy and disregard for the Constitution. Mr. Obama should be PROUD to offer publicly the documentation that he is eligible to serve as POTUS. This should not even be in question. It is his own seeming contempt for America and Americans that have brought us to a point where so many are attempting, in whatever capability they have, to seek the truth about a candidate who REFUSES to play by the rules laid out by the Founding Fathers, and who instead, seems bent on making up his own rules as he goes.
Please, if you intend to gripe and "throw stones", go away, we don't need you We will try to find someone who has America at heart in this.
If, in fact, your intentions are honorable, as I suspect they are, then do what you can to seek the truth, and do not attack others who are doing their best.
There are many of us across the Country doing what we feel we can do. We are in this together, and it is NOT about individuals, this is for a MUCH greater good.

A Voice of Reason said...

Berg, step aside Leo Donofrio arrives. Lawsuit against the Secretary of State of New Jersey is in the Supreme Court!

Check this out:

Press release here:

His case is based on the fact that neither McCain or Obama were natural born citizens at birth and neither are qualified for the office of President nor can they be. A bi-partisan case, now focusing on Obama as McCain is out of the running.

Everyone, get behind the Donofrio case!!!! Hope is alive!!

richard said...

I was a believer in the birth certificate/eligibility issue for Obama ever since he posted the infamous COLB on his campaign website, mid June. I believed (and still believe) that he is hiding something big in his vault certificate.

I have followed every twist and turn of this story, always believing that the truth would emerge and that it would vindicate my belief that Barky was ineligible to serve as POTUS.

Given the MSM agenda, I suppose it wasn't too surprising that the big media didn't run the story. They were in the tank for Barky from the beginning.

Initially, I thought it would be a Hillary surrogate that would use the dagger of the birth certificate. But that never happened, and then Hillary went away gracefully.

Then I thought the Republicans would most certainly use it, and most probably during the Democrat convention so that the party would implode. But they didn't.

Then, I thought for sure that the 527's would run ads challenging Barky to allow access to his vault certificate, but they didn't.

And then when none of the above happened, I expected a gigantic October Surprise that was timed down to the hour in the week prior to the election.

I thought for sure that people such as Rush, Sean, etc, would hit the airways with either a challenge to Obama to allow access to the birth certificate, or maybe it was possible I hoped, that they actually had some "smoking gun" that proved conclusively that Barack was not a "natural born" American.

But alas, as we all well know, none of that happened. I called Sean Hannity's program a month before the election and asked the call screener if Sean would take a call on the birth certificate issue. She told me that Sean had decided that it was bogus and that Barky was "legit". He wouldn't therefore take the call. She didn't stay on the phone long enough for me to ask "how does Sean know that?"

So I have to ask myself at this point in time with the election being over, why on earth didn't at least conservative talk radio hosts go after this issue? What did they know that we didn't?

Mitchell, I've been following your blog for a number of months and I believe that you have done a terrific job trying to press the case for Obama to disclose this information with various agencies. But I wonder how you interpret the Republican's apparent complete disinterest to use information that could have won them the Presidency, the Senate and the House.

I hope this new case filed by Donofrio gets traction in the court system. But my fear is that who is in a position to be a "decider" is going to have a bulleye on their back and will take the easy way out. But I'm crossing my fingers that there really is a Santa Claus.


Mairi said...

Continue to believe! Many of us have campaigns underway, outside the "pissant media". Groups are forming across this Country as we speak. Americans WILL know the truth, whatever the cost in manpower or money.
Please check "We The People" and help. We need ALL the Believers we can muster to lend their time and their talents.

Ted said...

Unavoidable scenario: If SCOTUS disqualifies Obama BEFORE 1/20/09 inauguration, McCain is POTUS per remaining electoral college electors; if SCOTUS disqualifies Obama after 1/20/09 inauguration, Hillary likely becomes POTUS per vote of Dem controlled House of Rep. Either way, is clear Obama will NOT be or remain POTUS.