Friday, November 14, 2008

Contrairimairi Stands Up to KC Propaganda Machine

Contrairimairi just e-mailed that she sent this missive to the Kansas City Star:

Dear Sirs,

Word out is, your paper is going down the tubes due to the unfair reporting during the campaign.
Well, here's a HUGE tip, and I'll bet your readership will skyrocket on just this story alone!

The campaign is NOT over. Millions of Americans are working across the Country to get the FACTS on Mr. Obama BEFORE he sets foot in our White House.
We have watched as his associates have crawled back out of the woodwork once again. Billy Boy calling him a "Family Friend". Admitting that he was silent so Barack could get elected. ( Did you notice in his little "American Flag Trample" picture he was hiding between two very large buildings.....out of site.....where no one who loves this Country could SEE him? A true "yellowbelly" IMHO.) Same with Wright, and Farrakhan.
The contribution question is HUGE also among most reasonable Americans, who just can't fathom why EVERY possible security measure was manually SHUT OFF to allow unlimited contributions from anyone......ANYWHERE.
There are millions who REFUSE to rest until Barack proves his citizenship, or lack thereof. We DEMAND answers to the question, "WHY was Barack actively supporting, and campaigning for Raila Odinga, against our ally, and with a "cousin" who had signed a contract with the same jihadists who attacked the WTC?" When his Auntie was living in squalor in public housing, and his 1/2 brother living in a hut in Africa, he contributed a MILLION dollars to Raila, who was such a sore loser, women and children were burned alive in churches, and slaughtered with machetes in the streets until he was named "Prime Minister" to appease him and end the genocide against his opponents.
How about this part of the story, which passport did Barack use in 1981 to gain access to Indonesia and Pakistan? If we look at his school registration records, will they indicate he actually was enrolled as a "foreign student" to have better access to American education at a "more affordable" price?
Let me put it to you this way......What do YOU actually KNOW about this man?
Have you looked at his Secret Service Registration? FINALLY released because sensible Americans are NOT giving up, even though the media DID. The documents also appear to be a pretty good forgery job, but not good enough to fool Americans. Maybe just someone like YOU!
Do yourself, and your failing newspaper a favor. Give Americans the news THEY WANT..........instead of the news you want to give! We really don't care so much what YOU'RE thinking.....bore us with those details on the editorial pages. Instead, give us the news we want that will sell papers like hot cakes. Then, prepare to start bringing back laid of staff members who want to be JOURNALISTS, and not hacks and cronies afraid of losing their jobs if they don't agree with you.
I'm just sayin'..........

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