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Obama Birth Certificate: Donofrio v. Wells: Supreme Court Clerk Danny Bickell Is Confused

Pamela Geller (h/t Bob Robbins and Larwyn) blogs about another law suit concerning Barack Obama's birth certificate. As well, Miri Green sent me a link to Leo C. Donofrio's website. Geller quotes a press release:

>"On October 27, 2008, plaintiff-appellant, Leo Donofrio, a retired attorney acting Pro Se, sued Nina Mitchell Wells, Secretary of State of the State of New Jersey, in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, demanding the Secretary execute her statutory and Constitutional duties to police the security of ballots in New Jersey from fraudulent candidates ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States due to their not being "natural born citizens" as enumerated in Article 1, Section 2, of the US Constitution."

Donofrio's case follows through the letter writing I did earlier this year. The Supreme Court's "Stay Clerk" (I wonder if they also have a "Go Clerk"), Dan Bickell, seems to contradict himself and be giving Donofrio the run around. First, Bickell told Donofrio that the stay was refused, then, upon learning that the public was aware of his (Bickell's) actions, Bickell reversed himself. Is the Supreme Court being run by thugs?

It is undoubtedly true that the election boards and secretaries of state do not police the election process. Candidates may be committing identity fraud, may not be legitimately eligible to run and may be criminals under assumed identities, and the elections boards do not know, do not want to know, and do not care. The level of elections administration in this country is dismal. The same is true of the Federal Elections Commission, which should be abolished. Sadly, though, Danny Bickell and the Supreme Court that he seems to represent is indifferent to maladministration of elections in the United States, preferring to stick its nose into questions about the morality of the death penalty based on elitist moralism picked up in dogmatic, ideological classwork the justices learned in pissant-left-wing first year law classes.

In other words, the Supreme Court seems to be interested in using state violence to enforce third rate, left-wing philosophy but it doesn't seem interested in enforcing the law.

The press release that Pamela Geller quotes concludes:

"While Mr. Berg, who has made a valiant effort, does not have legal standing, I do have a right of review by the US Supreme Court since New Jersey recognizes my standing and also because I have exhausted all of my state court options and there is nowhere else for me to go for justice."

On his website Donofrio indicates that he is now appealing the New Jersey Court's decision in his case. On his website, Mr. Donofrio accuses the Supreme Court clerk of dissembling:

"True to his form , but not to his word, US Supreme Court, Stay Clerk, Danny Bickell, has not updated the Docket to reflect that my case has come directly from a New Jersey Supreme Court order denying emergency relief."

He argues:

"Mr. Bickell now claims a specious semantical falsehood to deny me review in the US Supreme Court. This time he alleges that the chain of succession from the NJ Supreme Court to the US Supreme Court was broken by my applying for a "Stay" instead of "injunctive relief" when he knows damn well that a stay is injunctive relief."

He adds:

"I am outraged and disgusted by Bickell's cavalier piracy of my rights, of your rights, of our rights. And my passion for the law has never been greater than it is right now. I believe in law and order and that all stands must be made under the color of law."

After several citizens called the Supreme Court to complain about Bickell's behavior, Bickell reversed himself. Several hours after Donofrio's call to arms, he wrote:

"Leo C. Donofrio was just contacted by Mr. Danny Bickell, Stay Clerk of the United States Supreme Court as a direct result of Mr. Bickell receiving phone calls from the public...

"1. He says he is now in the process of correcting the Docket to reflect that my case is before the US Supreme Court from a direct ruling of the NJ Supreme Court wherein a Constitutional issue had been raised.

"2. Mr. Bickell informed me today that after he decided, improperly, not to pass on my Emergency Stay Application to Justice Souter on Nov. 3rd, that he did not owe me any special notification...Speaking to Mr. Bickell a few minutes ago, I asked him what happened to my letter informing me of the first disposition back on Monday Nov. 3rd when he decided not to pass the Stay Application on to Justice Souter. To this he replied, "That wasn't a disposition so I didn't have to give you any notice." Incredible. He disposed of my case illegally and then said that since it wasn't a proper disposition I wasn't entitled to notice thereof, and certainly not by "appropriately speedy means". Sabotage...

...Mr Bickell has also informed me that my renewed Application for an Emergency Stay will certainly be submitted to Justice Clarence Thomas on the day it is received. His word isn't worth much to me so I still need to keep trying to make the public aware of my case so that the other Justices might hear about it before the renewed Emergency Stay Application arrives.

Donofrio concludes:


The Honorable Associate Justice Clarence Thomas

United States Supreme Court

One First Street, N.E.,

Washington, D.C. 20543.


Please include the docket # 08A407, and the URL to this blog


>Dear Citizens of the United States of America,

>I need your help and the US needs your help.

>My case, LEO C. DONOFRIO v. NINA MITCHELL WELLS, SECRETARY OF STATE OF THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY - US Supreme Court Docket # 08A407 - continues to be subjected to misconduct by the US Supreme Court Clerk's office, particularly by Mr. Danny Bickell, the Stay Clerk.

>For a full review of the Judicial treachery in this case, please review the entire UNORTHODOX PROCEDURAL HISTORY of the case...

>It has come to my attention today that the US Supreme Court's Stay Clerk, Mr. Danny Bickell, has continued to list this case incorrectly thereby preventing it from ever crossing the desk of Justice Clarence Thomas.

>The Docket of the case fails to mention that the case went directly from the Appellate Division in New Jersey to the New Jersey Supreme Court which is the nexus that allows the case to be properly before the US Supreme Court. The Clerk's office appears to be doing everything possible to see that this case never gets to the desk of Justice Clarence Thomas or any of the other Supreme Court Justices.

>I have an order handed down from the New Jersey Supreme Court which makes reference to the Appellate Division case as well, but the US Supreme Court Clerk's office refuses to acknowledge the NJ Supreme Court's review and it is that review which allows my case to go before the US Supreme Court...

>This is unprecedented in that the Clerk's office at the SCOTUS appears to be injecting politics into the handling of paperwork properly before it. It will be a terrible blow to the separation of powers if Supreme Court review can be stopped by Clerks imposing their own political views on litigants who have properly followed legal procedure.

>Justice Clarence Thomas and the rest of the Supreme Court must receive direct mail letters (not e mail) bringing this case Docket # and the URL of my blog to their attention. You may write to Justice Thomas at the following address:

>The Honorable Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
United States Supreme Court
One First Street, N.E.,
Washington, D.C. 20543.


>Please include the docket # 08A407, and the URL to this blog
If you write to Chief Justice Roberts, please make sure the envelope is addressed to
Thank you,
Leo C. Donofrio


Anonymous said...

Obama tells Katie Couric 'You have to obey the law' but WILL OBAMA OBEY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW??

Katie Couric asked Obama his first question about his aunt in Boston today, according to a transcript from the network.

"If she is violating laws, those laws have to be obeyed. We're a nation of laws," Obama replied. "Obviously that doesn't lessen my concern for her, I haven't been able to be in touch with her. But I'm a strong believer you have to obey the law. "

So, will Obama follow the law and show proof that he meets the Constitutional requirement of being a natural born citizen?

Another case: this one against Obama's Mother by Forensic Psychologist who works for Criminal Justice System and the Courts Accuses Obama's Mother of Fraud on Obama Birth Docs in Hawaii

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lightmark said...

Sir hope you update your website. Donofrio v Wells to be hear by SCOTOS on December 5 by nine Justices. Result requested is emergency stay of electoral college vote on December 15 and oral arguments may follow.

Jucidial misconduct filed against Judge Sabatino in New Jersey for obstructing the suit.

Donofrio site has been hacked. He will be setting up new site. see for possible announcements and new URL. also for recorded interview by Donofrio on the proceeding. is an interview with Kenyan Ambassador given while he is on Kenyan soil. Nov 21. Last 2 minutes he declares Obama birthplace is a Kenyan shrine, and Kenya declaring a National Obama Holiday.

Anonymous said...

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