Thursday, September 11, 2008

New York's Best Newspaper May Close

Although I spend only two weekdays in Manhattan during the school year and fewer during breaks, I subscribe to the New York Sun. As well, I have bought a subscription for my mother who lives in the boroughs. The Sun is the very best newspaper I have ever seen, and the only one I have ever cared about. Sadly the paper may close at the end of this month. The courageous editor, Seth Lipsky, wrote about the paper's prospects today. If you live in New York, please consider subscribing. It's the best journalistic bang for the buck I have ever read. It would be wrenching to see the only high-quality conservative daily in the city to disappear. Mr. Lipsky wrote:

"This morning I write to you about the future of The New York Sun, which is in circumstances that may require us to cease publication at the end of September unless we succeed in our efforts to find additional financial backing. The managing editor, Ira Stoll, who is one of the founding partners in the paper, and I have shared this news with our colleagues, and we would like our readers as well to be aware of the situation.

"When we launched this business in October 2001 and began publishing the daily newspaper on April 16, 2002, it was with two goals. There was an editorial — an idealistic — goal of providing an alternative to the New York Times in coverage of New York City, politics, foreign policy, and culture. And there was a financial goal of making a profit. We have always been, and still are, of the view that the paper needs to achieve both goals to be a success.

"After more than six years of publication, the Sun is now at a crossroads. It has succeeded in establishing journalistic credibility and a reputation for quality and verve, and in becoming a part of the local, national, and international conversation. It is read daily by tens of thousands of New Yorkers, including the political, policy, and cultural leadership in the city. It is read in the nation's capital — in the White House, the Congress, and in the foreign chancelleries. Newspapers and Web sites in the city and around the world follow our scoops, quote our editorials, refer to our cultural criticism, and analyze our sports coverage.

"Even many who disagree with the views of our editorial page enjoy reading the Sun. "A fabulous read for culture," is the way it was described in the Nation. David Remnick of the New Yorker sent a note to say how much he admired what we are doing with the Sun, which he called "just plain good." He added: "OK, I agree with about ten percent of your editorials, but so what. ... I'm a lot happier, and richer, for having faced the Sun in the a.m."

Read the whole thing here. The Sun is a major force for a better New York and better America. Please subscribe.

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