Thursday, September 11, 2008

Contrairimairi On Obamastick

I believe the "MSM" (ooooooh how I HATE that acronym!) has missed the boat on the "lipstick on a pig" statement from BO. He did use the phrase appropriately, but if you watch his "body language" as he begins, you can see he seems clearly distressed over what is coming. The comment was being used to garner the exact reaction that it got, if you ask me. He KNEW the audience would take it for something other than the familiar phrase, and their reaction shows they DID. It was immediately perceived as a response to Sarah Palin, and the laughter and applause were the "knee-jerk" reaction, I believe, the use was meant to evoke. Technically, he did use the phrase to compare Bush and McCain's policies, but the "intent" to smear, I believe, was what he was going for, and subsequently GOT!
He can "say" that he was not referring to Sarah Palin as a "pig", and technically he would be correct, but he took this just one step too far! KNOWING that everyone present would be familiar with her speech line, I truly believe he deliberately, if hesitantly, used the line to smear her. I'll bet, as he rubbed his head, he was PRAYING his argument would be strong enough for the line not to backfire.........WRONG! Women SHOULD be furious over his repeated demeaning of all women by demeaning Hillary and Sarah.
I was particularly worried by Joe Biden's words, however, when he stated how capable and experienced Hillary was, and how she would have made a GREAT VP pick. Are we about to see BO's next "flip-flop"? Will he dump Biden and choose Hillary? Afterall, for BO, second place is NOT good enough. All that really matters to him is gaining the Presidency. I believe he will do anything he deems necessary to make sure that happens. Wouldn't it be a riot if he had already asked Hillary before she agreed to head to Florida for him? Wouldn't it be a bigger riot if she told him where to stuff his VP position????? LOL!
Any thoughts?

My response:

I agree with you completely and am posting your message on my blog as the official position of "Mitchell Langbert's Blog"! BO got away with seeming like a saintly angel of "change" during the primary, but now that he is getting fair scrutiny from Fox and people like you his true nature is being clarified. I sensed that he is a rotten apple back in June when I called him a "sociopath". I stand by that characterization as a good approximation. He is certainly crude and aggressive beneath that charming exterior.

We will see about the Hillary for VP picture. I wonder if she would really reject it given how power hunger she is. But it's certainly possible, and perhaps likely. It's going to be interesting!

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