Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Abortion As Art

Candace de Russy has blogged about a gruesome tale of academic horror. A Yale student induced miscarriages on herself and aimed to use the foetal remains as art. Her professor, Pia Lindman, was reprimanded but not fired. (At other institutions professors who glanced at a member of the opposite sex have been put up on charges, interrogated by Yale's thought police committee and fired. At Sarah Lawrence College, where I attended, in the early 1990s a student was thrown out of school for laughing at a joke about gays. But at Yale, the execution and use of human tissue for art is a matter for mild reprimand.)

De Russy discusses performance art, body art (the use of one's own body as art) and the rotten standards in today's university art and literature departments. She conclude:

"Yale’s failure to prevent Lindman and her kind from influencing impressionable undergraduates is testament to the university’s slavish cowardice in the face of a decadent and destructive ideological fashion."

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