Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Lesser of Two Evils Won

As a libertarian, I'm glad Obama defeated Romney.  Obama was a dismal candidate, but Romney was worse. Obama is a liar who claims to be a friend of the poor but who uses public power to subsidize the super-rich.  Obama initiated an unpopular socialized medicine scheme, and then, through a destructive cap-and-trade bill, attacked private home ownership--especially of the poor.  Obama has consistently subsidized the stock market at the expense of the average American, and he has attacked fundamental American freedoms through the NDAA, which intensifies Bush's Patriot Act.  Given Obama's ugly policies, policies that are harmful to the average American, the Republicans should have had no trouble defeating him.  Moreover, the economy has been dismal, with high unemployment and instability.

The bailout and Obama's healthcare act energized the rank and file of the Republican Party in 2009 and 2010.  I will never understand, then, what possessed the GOP to nominate a candidate who, as governor of Massachusetts, had adopted a healthcare act comparable to Obama's.  As well, Governor Romney had made a fortune working in the same financial industry that the multi-trillion dollar bailout subsidized. Romney made his $200 million because of Federal-Reserve-Bank subsidization. Make no mistake about it: Private equity in today's form is a primary beneficiary of Federal-Reserve- Bank monetary creation.  Romney is a product of crony capitalism, a corporate welfare baby.  As well, Romney stated that he aimed to initiate a trade war, an economically illiterate path, with China. 

Having thought long and hard and having interacted with Republicans in my region over the past few years, I have concluded that the Republican Party is not for me.  The Democrats are evil, but as totalitarian, murderous, and destructive they may be, the Republicans are worse. The Republicans have been present throughout the implementation of Agenda 21; they have fostered Federal Reserve Bank socialism; they have degraded American education; they have adopted as much regulation as the Democrats.  They claim to oppose big government, but they have consistently expanded it. A so-called political party, the GOP, like the Democratic Party, is a corruption machine.   As a representative of the big-government wing of the GOP, Romney was a worse candidate than Obama. 

That the Republicans couldn't conceive of a way to defeat Obama is a symptom of their commitment to centralization, to  big government, and to any and every scheme by which they can loot the public till.  

It is good that Romney lost. He ran a dismal campaign.  His socialism matches Obama's, and he would have contributed as little to the nation's welfare as Obama will.  Add to it that Romney has benefited from the federal government's thieving Federal Reserve system, and I am happy as anything that he has lost. 

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Anonymous said...

Lifelong Christian American Republican. Witnessed the Mormon promoted during Debates and Ron Paul mistreated... which betrayed young Republican Ron Paul supporters. Witnessed abuse of Ron Paul Delegates at GOP Delegate Convention and remember those Delegates shouting Point of Order Point of Order as they were astonishingly ignored. Witnessed Rove McCain Bush Rice and their flood of Neocons and warmongers flood into what they thought was their next administration. Wolfowitz. Iraq. Patriot Act. 911 Commission. Never Again. Will withdraw from Republican membership and sign up with the fledgling Tea Party Patriots... NOT the Tea Party Express on which deeper investigation is required because of apparent "infiltration" by neocons who will work to destroy grassroots Tea Party principles from within as they did the Republican party, and would use Tea Party Express on behalf of another country. Smarter with experience now and hope others reject both damaged parties, and work diligently to protect grassroots and grow the Tea Party.