Thursday, November 8, 2012

America at a Moral Crossroad

H/t Mairi. Bill Whittle offers a good video about America's being at a crossroads with respect to virtue. I am skeptical, though,  that Mitt Romney or the Republican Party represents virtue.  The Fed's monetary creation reflects government subsidization as much as welfare does.  A hedge fund manger like Romney whose tens of millions are due to the Fed's artificial monetary creation is no better than a welfare recipient.  I disagree with his claim that Romney reflects virtue or hard work. Romney is as much as welfare scammer as any welfare recipient.

I also disagree that  Democrats and Republicans differ with respect to virtue.  I don't think supporters of Obama or Romney are virtuous or not.  Rather, hard working, honest, virtuous people can support either; neither reflected virtue in the sense that Whittle means it. 

Also, Whittle is wrong that public education was destroyed more than 50 years ago.  Progressive education began the destruction of public education more than 100 years ago, according to Diane Ravitch in her Left Back: A Century of Battles over School Reform

Whittle's advocacy of parallel private structures is good, but given that half our money is paid in taxes, it will be difficult to use a significant percentage of our pay in parallel organizations involving space exploration and education.  Contrary to his claim, it will cost more than your cable bill to do the things for which he aims.  

Whittle's idea of ignoring rather than fighting the state is good, but difficult. It makes more sense to establish an alternative citizenship and ultimately reside in a better country. There are an increasing number of better countries as America falters and declines. I would rather have an apartment in Montevideo, Uruguay than pay for a second school system here. 

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Mairi said...

In the vast universe of ideas, this is just a beginning. What makes this so incredible is, this is what Americans ALWAYS do! When faced with adversity, we ALWAYS rise to the occasion. Bill Whittle says, this is just the beginning, that he would never attempt to claim this, license it, copyright it, or anything of that nature. His plan is "Open Source." As new thinkers climb onboard, the ideas and the goals become limitless.
Americans can always be counted on to defeat our enemies, and we always do it with finesse. Instead of being beaten down and demoralized, we rise like cream to the top..........Eisd ri eubh do mhian!