Saturday, May 21, 2011

Obama's Presidency Meant Change from Bush's: It's Anti-Semitic

The Wall Street Journal weekend print edition carries the stark headline "Israeli Leader Clashes with Obama." Until now I haven't been clear about how Obama and George W. Bush differed. On economics, both agreed that it was absolutely essential to give $12.4 trillion to badly managed financial concerns. Both felt free to give similar grants to corrupt business interests: Bush gave billions to Halliburton and, via his stimulus, Obama gave even more to interests like George Soros.  Bush left office with rising unemployment, and Obama's administration has seen the highest average unemployment since the Carter years. Bush started two wars, and Obama has started a third war. Bush's Fed doubled the money supply, and Obama's Fed more than doubled it again. Bush claimed to be a conservative who was compassionate, but handed hundreds of billions to the pharmaceutical industry via his ill conceived prescription drug plan; Obama claimed to be a Democrat who was compassionate and handed hundreds of billions to the insurance industry via his ill conceived health reform plan. Bush permitted the United Nations to send environmental inspectors to American parks for unknown reasons (based on a treaty that George H. Bush signed); Obama is advocating allowing the UN to rescind the Second Amendment.  Bush stomped on Americans' sacred liberties with the Patriot Act. Obama got elected by claiming that he is in favor of civil liberties, lying to his supporters.  When elected, Obama renewed the Patriot Act and, with the support of the Democratic Party-led Senate, will renew it again.

There is one big difference.  Obama is an anti-Semite who will relish seeing Israel fall. Bush wasn't.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama's necessarily anti-semitic. I think he is a petty tyrant, who makes major decisions based on minor considerations.

I do believe he considers Arabs his friends, however, and if his petty biases create policy coinciding with those of his friends, even better.

Mitchell Langbert said...

These are fine points. Anti-Semitism is prevalent in the Arab world. You're saying "he's friends with Klansmen but he doesn't hate blacks; he just likes to see his policies coincide with his Klansmen friends." Maybe, but a fine point. Also, that church he attended in Chicago included quite a few anti-Semites.

Anonymous said...

I struggled to find the word or phrase that best captures the meaning of the Obama Presidency.

Carter was easy: Incompetence.

Reagan: Determination.

Clinton: Pragramatism

Two behind the Bush: The less said the better.

And now Obama: Forceful imcompetence.

Mitchell Langbert said...

By George, I think he's got it!