Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paul, or the Tea Party Is Bust

Glenda McGee writes that if the Tea Party can't support Ron Paul for president then it is the party of big government. Glenda links to the Rockwell Institute's Michael S. Rozeff's Infowars piece  assailing American imperialism. It is now apparent that American imperialism and republicanism are at loggerheads, just as they were in Rome.  Hopefully, an American Caesar will not defeat Cato as he did in Rome.  Progressivism was always imperialistic, but the choice between freedom and the Progressivism of the Democrats and Republicans has never been posed explicitly, at least until after World War II, and then in small doses like Vietnam.  America must put its freedom, including both civil liberties and economic freedom, ahead of imperialism.  Rozeff writes:

America can go in one of two ways. It can continue on the path of empire, in which case it continues downhill and impedes the world’s progress; or it can renounce empire, in which case it restores the dignity of Americans and imparts new opportunities to the peoples of the world...The only major politician who is leading America in this direction is Congressman Ron Paul. His is a lonely but courageous voice in Washington. The commendable directions he is proposing add up to renouncing empire...Americans have to understand that they have an empire and that its effects are a net negative for them and for the rest of the world’s peoples...To shift away from empire, Americans have to disavow it. They have to go directly against the powerful interest groups that favor it.

It is becoming increasingly apparent Rozeff is right; freedom and imperialism are incompatible. 

Glenda McGee Writes:

One man has been fighting the Fed, the Warfare/Welfare State/ the UN and for property rights.

When I see Tea Party people still believing in the Rethuglican establishment, I think that the elites are correct - Americans are brainswashed morons. Ron Paul is true to the constitution and no other candidate can claim that.  

If the Tea Party is not the Ron Paul Party, it is the party of big government 'Patriot Act' Bush fascists, Nixon who smiled and wined and dined with Mao after he murdered 10 million people, and the New World Order that came from Bush senior's mouth.

UN Agenda 21 drives every act of the past twenty years.  Only Ron Paul is talking about New World Order. If the Tea Party stays moronic - You will lose you home, your car, your right to eat meat, your children, your right to procreate, and ultimately your life.

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