Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Michael C. O'Donnell's Church & State Blog

My colleague on the staff of Kingston, NY's Lincoln Eagle, which is going online soon and is looking for correspondents around the country, including in the Land of Lincoln (hint: Mairi, Jim), Michael C. O'Donnell writes excellent articles each month.  His Website, Church and State, is at http://inconspectudei.org/.  O'Donnell blogs from a libertarian Catholic perspective  On his site, O'Donnell quotes Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, who likens abortion to slavery, as well as Cardinal Egan, who shows a picture of a 20-week-old fetus that looks suspiciously like a human being.  So much for the abortion-is-not-murder argument.  O'Donnell links to Egan's article:

"Adolf Hitler convinced himself and his subjects that Jews and homosexuals were other than human beings. Joseph Stalin did the same as regards Cossacks and Russian aristocrats. And this despite the fact that Hitler and his subjects had seen both Jews and homosexuals with their own eyes, and Stalin and his subjects had seen both Cossacks and Russian aristocrats with theirs."

Philosophical arguments that posit the morality of abortion are linked to those that posit the morality of murder, as are arguments for socialism.   

O'Donnell argues that "federal, state and local elected officials have lost their moral legitimacy and authority to serve."  That is why I am asking Mr. O'Donnell to be the third member of the Secession Party. Mike Marnell, The Lincoln Eagle's publisherwhich published the SP's manifesto this month, was first, followed by his brother Mark.  I am working on Glenda McGee, but I'm afraid the SP is turning into an Irish mafia.  I'll ask Russell Schindler of Kingston, NY, to join although I'm not sure that totalitarian socialists are interested.  Schindler would make a good attorney for the SP, though.

O'Donnell takes on the looting of the Social Security trust fund and the federal government's inability to maintain a stable money supply. In a recent article in The Lincoln Eagle O'Donnell points out that it is perfectly legal to drive without a license and shows that federal law, which does not require non-commercial licenses, supersedes state laws. According to Marnell, O'Donnell has beaten driving without a license charges ten times in local courts.

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Doug Plumb said...

Laws for or against abortion violate natural law. It is the mother who supplies the child with sustainance while pregnant and up to the mother whether to abort or not. Doctors can decide themselves whether they want to supply the service or not.

The state has no place here. To discourage someone from aborting I would suggest sites that show abortions link to later breast cancer. Perhaps an argument could be made that it is a sin.

Neither church nor state should ever usurp natural law.