Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hinchey Batters Reporter as His Campaign Spins

Several people from the Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party have commented on Congressman Hinchey's assault and battery of Kingston Freeman reporter Bill Kemble. 

One notes:

>Mo needs a "Time Out". We make our kids sit on the first step when they misbehave. Mo has been misbehaving for a long time.

He is too powerful and too arrogant. It's time for Mo to Go.

Let's put him on the first step This November.

Another provides some additional evidence about the assault:

>And they were right next to me when it happened. Kemble was showing Hinchey a paper from Tivoli about a plan to bring ferry service to the "Hinchey Hotel" and Hinchey got all flustered." He had a glare in his eye that could kill. I looked away for a moment and then from the corner of my eye saw Hinchey shoving Kemble. While one of Hinchey's staff was trying to get Hinchey to back off I yelled, "let me get my camara" and Hinchey took off. Hinchey actually shoved Kemble into someone who was headed into the bathroom. A friend of mine who was in the lobby saw it as well.

>I recall it was only about two years ago that Hinchey had a similar encounter with someone at a gun show in Rosendale where he grabed a guy by the neck. I understand from people who knew him as a teenager that this is the same type of behavior that as a teenager led a judge to give him a choice between going to jail or enlisting in the military."

>YNN television (h/t Robin Yess) describes the spin that Hinchey's campaign is putting on his violent behavior here.  It is ironic that the Democratic Party condones violence among its elected officials but criticizes anyone whose lifestyle choices are politically incorrect.

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