Saturday, October 16, 2010

Does Maurice Hinchey Suffer from Alzheimer's?

Last winter there were rumors circulating that Congressman Hinchey's mental capacities were flagging due to old age.  My grandfather sadly suffered from this disease prior to his death in 1971 and I am very empathetic to those who suffer from it, as I am to Mr. Hinchey.  In an e-mail back in March '10 one of the editors of the Hudson Valley Business Journal denied that Hinchey is suffering from Alzheimers:

> "Where on earth did you hear that Mr. Hinchey has Alzheimers? I'm not saying it can't be so (I honestly do not know), but it would definitely surprise me and, no, I have not heard such, even in rumors, from anybody....although anything is possible, I suppose. He is slowing down a bit - but I also know he's still running for re-election, officially anyway."

However, there is now additional evidence, specifically Hinchey's responses in Thursday night's debate with George Phillips.  Reporting for the Kingston Freeman William J. Kemble notes that Hinchey:

"...several times needed questions repeated for him and at one point responded when the moderator asked, 'Please detail your deficit reduction priorities?' by saying, 'I’m not sure what you mean by that. What deficit? My deficit personally?'

For a member of the House Appropriations Committee not to know what a reporter means by "deficit reduction" is not a sign of mental acuity.  I doubt that acai berry pills will help, incidentally.

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