Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Obama's War on Israel

My father just sent me this video, which Youtube attempted to censor. It shows that the passengers on the ship that Israel attacked had repeatedly assaulted Israeli soldiers, and threw one overboard.

The incident follows the Obama administration's support for the UN's recent attack on Israel's nuclear capability. Mark Meed of Frontpagemag notes that  "what is remarkable is the United States supported this resolution."  In other words, under Obama the US now votes with the Third World tyrannies that hate Israel.

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Doug Plumb said...

I do agree that Israel has been the victim of a massive propaganda campaign over the time since its inception. The conspiracy theorists like to blame the Jews for what the BAR association actually does and the BAR/bankers always has a convenient scapegoat.

When the BAR association convicted Zundel it turned a lot of people against Jews and therefore Israel in general. These laws that forbid free speech regarding the holocaust do not help Israel or the Jews in any way.

Its the BAR association that has the monopoly on justice all over the world. The world is the way it is because the BAR wants it this way. The real war is being fought with pens by lawyers and politicians (who are also lawyers), not by terrorists.

I also believe the Palestinians have a natural right and believe that Israel should be out of Palestine. But Israel is run by the same power brokers that run the USA, they don't have a sovereign government any more than we do.