Tuesday, June 1, 2010

America Awakens: Obama's Support in Decline

The Rasmussen presidential tracking poll reports that 27% of Americans strongly approve of Obama's presidency while 40% strongly disapprove. Moreover, 60% favor repeal of the new health law. Now that Obama has authorized the bailouts, he is no longer of much use to the banker-controlled Democratic Party media. Rasmussen reports that only 41% of media coverage of America's first Kenyan-born president was positive on May 31 while 58% was negative.

I wonder whether Obama will hold on to the Jewish vote after his repeated attacks on Israel.  I thought this concluding paragraph in the Rasmussen article captures my sentiment.  The only things I can't figure out is why the public thought Obama could do a good job and why they keep voting for the two party system:

"Most Americans have 'come to believe that the political system is broken, that most politicians are corrupt, and that neither major political party has the answers,' observes Rasmussen. Just 27% believe Congress knows what it’s doing when it comes to the economy and 41% say that a group of people randomly selected from the phone book would do a better job than the current Congress. In his new book, Scott adds, 'Some of us are ready to give up and some of us are ready to scream a little louder. But all of us believe we can do better.'


Anonymous said...

You follow Ramussen Polling. Perhaps you should take a look at this.

http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/search/label/pollster ratings

Doug Plumb said...

The trouble is that these politicians are also lawyers- and I don't mean this tongue-in-cheek.

Stop electing lawyers.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Dear anonymous. I just looked at that site and the first thing I saw was similar to Rasmussen, 49% disapprove and 46% approve of our first Kenyan president (according to Michelle, she called him a "Kenyan" in 2007). More disapprove than approve. Similar.