Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mercy Killing Strategy: Become a Democrat

I am coming to think that because the State of New York is too corrupt for reform, the best strategy will be to become a Democrat, support their policies, and so encourage more rapid economic collapse in the state.  The Republicans do not help the state, they merely slow down the pace of corruption slightly.  Mercy killing is wrong when it comes to humans but when it comes to economic catastrophes like the Democrats' economic policies the right course may be to hasten things.   The same at the national level.  The currency depreciation and banking catastrophes that the two party system has caused should be accelerated so that the system finally collapses and can be replaced.

My strategy would look something like this.  Enroll in the Democratic Party. Support more expansion of government and entitlement programs; more stimulus packages; more state employees.  Push up spending on Medicaid. So many needs, taxes must be raised.  Drive ever more people out of New York.

Economic collapse isn't far off, and helping the Democrats will hasten it.  When the state collapses, radical change may then be possible.  It is a high risk strategy because New Yorkers have been so badly educated that they believe the pro-bank media and so will probably aim for even more state control and socialism in response to the final collapse.  But that's not a given, and there's probably more hope for change then.  An increasingly authoritarian and socialistic economy is a given in any case, and the Republicans lack the competence to improve things.  Also, the GOP in New York City is just as left wing as the Democrats, so there is little hope.

The GOP is a lost cause and New York State needs to be taken out of its misery.


Cindy said...

Where have you been all this time? UCGOP has not changed one bit since taking over under new leadership. The same for the national GOP... The only thing that is moving new candidates into office is the down to earth people involved with the TEA parties. And they are not endorsing so much as they are working hard in the background to help candidates who are as down to earth as they are. Like Wise, Phillips and Paledino. We don't need a PARTY to do the work - we just need good candidates to be willing to stand up and take the heat of taking a stand.

Joe Bubel said...

The danger here is, the replacement. What you are suggesting may happen to be EXACTLY what the socialists want. Destroy the current system by overloading the system, forcing social justice in the way of pressing the reset button.

I think infiltrating the democrats is a great idea, but we then push them back to the middle by supporting conservative democrats.

Mitchell Langbert said...

You're right, Cindy. Maybe you're right too, Joe. I'm darn frustrated. I was just out petitioning in Olive and for every good conservative there are three knucklehead liberals and two who work for the Town Supervisor and have sold their soul to the devil.