Sunday, June 20, 2010

Decline and Fall of the United States

The United States is humanity's last hope and it is in serious decline. The reason for the decline is a paradox.  Individualism, the spirit that motivates human achievement and is the chief American value, causes government to misfire.  America is built on individualism, and in a condition of freedom, including a free economy, that individualism supports achievement.  But in a government-dominated state individualism leads to manipulation of the state at others' expense.  America did not need to expand its government. But once it did, its decline and fall were only a matter of time.  In 1960 the process we are witnessing today could have been reversed.  In 1970 there was still some possibility.  It no longer can be reversed.  The extent of indebtedness; the misallocation of resources; the damage that the government has done to the economy are too great.

Political involvement is now unimportant.  Because America's decline and fall are cast and because the American public is addicted to the drug of "something for nothing", there is no turning back.  The two political parties are agents of corruption, and the public lacks the imagination and vision to replace them. The centralization of power opens control of the United States to power seeking psychopaths.  Their assumption of power is only a matter of time.

I had thought I could make a difference with respect to the trajectory on which the nation is traveling, but I cannot.  Political activity is a waste of time.

When the United States falls, there will be a push for greater centralization.  I do not think that the American public is spiritually or intellectually prepared to resist this last incursion on their liberty.  America has become a nation of serfs.  It will continue its descent into national slavery.  Political activity or debate is powerless now. Insane extremists are in charge, and Americans have acquiesced.

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