Friday, May 21, 2010

Ulster County, NY Young Republicans Takes Action

I just received this press release from Erich Deagostino, president of the newly formed Ulster County Young Republicans:

The Ulster county Young Republicans have successfully organized.  A meeting was held on April 17 where bylaws where accepted and officers were elected.  This marks the beginning to a new era for Ulster County Republicans, as we begin work to expand our party while simultaneously bringing in new energy and fresh perspectives. A Second meeting was held on May 15 where goals and events will be proposed.

The Ulster county Young Republican club will serve as a forum to help Young Republicans train to run for office, campaign, and help senior Republicans understand the ideas and perceptions of today’s youth and young adults.  While giving students with conservative views a place of refuge from the corruption of our (single payer) education system.

The Ulster County Young Republicans will encourage young people in Ulster County to become involved in the political process by, assisting on campaigns, debating the issues that affect our community, giving of themselves to help move our community forward, involving themselves in our community to ensure good government, and helping to communicate the perspectives of the young to senior republicans. The Ulster County Young Republicans will not be a passive organization that looks in comfortable areas to grow. Instead, we will work proactively to target those often overlooked by the Republican Party and with each success set a documented example of how to expand the Republican Party in liberal regions of the nation and acting as a foot fold for national conservative organizations seeking to make progress in our region.

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