Monday, March 22, 2010

John McCain's Bronx Cheer--Too Little Too Late

I just received an e-mail from John McCain who is calling for the repeal of the health act. Rightly so, but his well taken Bronx cheer is too little too late. It was McCain's support for the Paulson-Bush bailout of Wall Street, an expansion of government that exceeds Obamacare in stupidity, that led to the Democratic majority that in turn led to this botched health care law. McCain says that when a politician goes against the will of the public he will not be reelected. McCain might have paid attention to his own advice in September 2008. His corrupt support for big government subsidies to incompetently run Wall Street firms that in the first place only exist because of big government was just as bad as the current Democratic rush to national bankruptcy and inflation.

John McCain writes:

>I believe the will of the people will be reflected sooner or later. The Democrats will learn in November, that when you go against the wishes of the American people, you pay a steep and heavy price. Americans will not be silenced on this matter and I will continue to lead this fight each and every day.

>I assure you I am not quitting our fight. I believe we must repeal this bill immediately.

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