Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Johansen Alleges Town Democrats Violated His First Amendment Rights

Last fall, Chris Johansen, chair of the Town of Olive Conservative Party, raised the issue of the Town of Olive's subsidization of the Town Democratic Party Committee. The Town covered various costs of the Democratic Party fundraiser. As well, Johansen's Conservative Party backed the Republican rather than the Democratic Party candidate for the first time in many years.

I just received this message from Chris (also, h/t Glenda McGee) alleging that the Town building inspector, John Ingram, said that he was initiating an enforcement action against Chris in retaliation for Chris's complaints about the illegal Town subsidies to the Democratic Party:

>Well folks if you think you can poke the Emperor in the eye and get away with it you are wrong. Today the towns code enforcement officer ( John Ingram ) proved he wants to get down on his belly and slither in the slime with the rest of those toothless snakes. He advised me that he was starting a enforcement action against my wife's (Cindy's) business because ( "if you going to point the finger you first have to be clean yourself." )

>He must be alluding to Cindy's writing in the press or my complaint about the town of Olive supporting the Olive Dem. party.

>I've always felt the best defense is a good offence so they now have stomping my feet, they want to watch that some snakes don't get crushed.

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