Friday, January 22, 2010

Fox, Gingrich Offer Few Solutions to Government Bloat

Newt Gingrich, the creator of the congressional earmark frenzy that led to the bridge to nowhere and the Republicans' fall from power is on Hannity right now saying that he might run for president. Following Gingrich's performance in the New York 23rd district, I'm surprised he still has the audacity to claim that he favors reduced government. I'm still far from convinced that the Brown victory represents any kind of reaction to Republicrat government. Far from convinced.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. Langbert;
The Supreme Court of the United States just sold out American sovereignty. The decision in Citizens United v. FEC means that any corporation can participate in the political process. So Lenovo, partially owned by the Chinese can run political attack ads; and CITGO owned by Venezuela can be asked by Chavez to run ads influencing US elections. Even worse, companies owned by Saudi Arabia, or Singapore, can do the same thing.

There is more. Sony Corporation would love to meddle with electronic regulations. Remember British Petroleum's deal with Libya for the Lockerbie bomber. It can run ads in the US; it is now entitled to full First Amendment rights. Hey, it gets better. A foreign company doing business in Iran can now run ads in the US telling us how good the Iranian government is.

Let Freedom Reign !!!